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We offer professional SEO optimization services in Constanta, for businesses that want to reach the top of Google search engines


SEO optimization services Constanta

Constanta SEO optimization

The better the website or online store is optimized, the higher the chances are to reach the first page of Google, through organic searches. We offer complete SEO promotion campaigns. Our customers are in the first searches, where is your business website positioned?

Constanta SEO audit

An SEO audit is necessary to be able to identify the negative SEO aspects, which penalize your website so that it does not go up in Google searches. Our Constanta SEO optimization services are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their visibility on the Internet, but also their profits.

ON-PAGE SEO optimization

Optimizing the on-page site involves making it more efficient in terms of content, design, compressed HTML code, metadata, site loading speed and others. With the help of SEO optimization in Constanta, you will have more chances to appear in the first searches.

Image & Content Optimization

Large images, too many special effects on websites, can significantly increase the loading time. This translates into a low conversion rate.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools allow you to analyze in real time the traffic on the website, as well as who your customers are and through what media they found out about you.

OFF-PAGE SEO optimization

The off-page site optimization campaign involves creating a profile of quality backlinks. These are seen by search engines as a vote for your site.

Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to be more easily found by customers, and to receive reviews. Your business will be available to anyone Google Maps.

Constanta SEO promotion

Do you want your website to appear in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others) among the first positions? Then you definitely need the SEO Promotion service, suitable for the structure of the site as well as your business. The pages, structure and content created by us will index very well in search engines.

seo site optimization Constanta

SEO Services

Constanta SEO promotion

By promoting the site efficiently, you can win more clients, and implicitly more profit. The SEO agency from Constanta, Mensis will help you promote your website or online store through Facebook Ads, PPC Google Adwords Campaigns, Social Media, Advertorials as well as on-page optimization (fast loading of the website, elimination of errors, SSL certificate installation, appropriate H-tags structure, content optimization, and many others).

seo optimization Constanta
constant seo agency

Online marketing and promotion

SEO Marketing Constanta

Through SEM techniques (Search Engine Marketing) advanced, we can increase your visibility quickly in the online environment. This type of promotion is recommended at the beginning, to maximize profit. In the short term, paid campaigns can quickly bring you customers, but in the long term, organic SEO traffic is the safest and recommended.

Constanta SEO optimization campaign

site analysis & seo audit

Your website is an authority on the internet. If its virtual image is not maintained, the site becomes slow and is not up to date with the latest running standards on the Internet, then easily but surely it will disappear from the search engines.

The SEO audit is carried out by a team with experience in Constat SEO optimization. In order to start promoting the business online, we will first need to know where to start. The SEO audit will help us identify what are the weak points, the strong points, and what needs to be improved. If you use our services website creation, we can guarantee that your website will be optimized op-page and quickly right from the start.

What does an SEO Audit include?

Our team that deals with SEO optimization in Constanta, will analyze what exactly prevents the presentation site, times the online store to reach the first searches on search engines.

On-page audit – We analyze the loading speed of the website, sitemap.xml (site map), robots.txt (what indexing robots are allowed to 'read' and what not), access errors (error 404) or redirection errors (error 301), internal linking strategy, poorly structured design and others

Duplicate Content – Content that is not unique attracts search engine penalties. We can refer to the source from where we copied the content, but if the whole internet did the same, it would just be spam

Keyword Targeting – Certain keywords best define your business. It is useless and unnatural to try to reach the first searches for totally irrelevant keywords

Offsite/offpage audit –  We will analyze how popular the site is seen from the outside. That is, how many other sites refer to your business, what presence you have on social networks, reviews on Google My Business and others

Usability analysis - The site must be easily accessible both on mobile and desktop. If it loads hard, is not responsive (that is, for example on mobile the buttons are too big, or the pictures don't fit on the screen), then we have problems. Both Google and customers will see these poor quality indexes. The site will be penalized and its position in searches will decrease.

The companies that used our Constanta SEO optimization services are already in the first searches. Do you want to be in the first results and sell more?

detailed report - We will inform you about the improvements made, and you will know what a successful SEO optimization means.

on-page seo optimization

Concrete steps and actions taken by our team for On-Page SEO optimization:

Optimizing Meta-Titles – The title of a web page is probably the most important element in on-page optimization. If the title is not descriptive, then it is possible to lose customers. This is the first thing that customers and search engines read. It is important to add at least one keyword in the title, to be sure that the page will reach the first searches more easily.

Meta-Description Optimization - The description of a page will help search engines to understand the content. This must be short and concise. As in the case of the page title, when we use paid advertisements, it is important to have a correlation between the keywords used. We cannot say that the title of the page refers to cars, and when we try to promote it we refer to wallets, for example.

HTML tags - Under process site creation web, an important step is structuring the site so that it can be "read" by Google Bot or other search engines. To facilitate their reading, we will use the HTML language used to render web pages. It is true that there are other languages such as CSS or Java that we integrate into the site, but these are more for styling. Many times these languages are ignored by search engines when they "read" the site for indexing in searches.

Keyword optimization - The keywords used must correspond to the field of business in which you are active. Synonyms and other relevant references will help you to write more fully. Abusive use of keywords (ori keyword stuffing) because it can lead to the website being penalized. Our Constanta SEO optimization team will carefully choose the most relevant keywords. If necessary, we will recommend similar keywords and opportunities that you can take advantage of. In all fields of activity there are very popular keywords, but it is also very difficult to rank for them. That's why we recommend you to use less popular words, but which will bring you reliable organic traffic. Over time, as you become more visible on the Internet with more keywords, you will surpass the competition that only uses the most popular words.

Link optimization - The links are those that pass internal or external authority. Links from sites with great authority (such as BBC or an equivalent in our country Adevarul or stirileprotv) will weigh more than those received from anonymous sites. In the same way, the internal links, from the interior of the own site that refer to other pages also from the interior of the site, will raise their mutual authority.

Image optimization - People can easily understand what is in a picture. Search engines may have difficulties in interpreting images. That is why it is good to give the pictures a short title and a description. This will also benefit people who cannot see, but use a "screen reader", a program that reads the content of the web page.

Upload speed – Traffic generated from mobile devices is in full swing. If your site loads hard then you can be sure that you will lose customers, and that Google will penalize you in searches.

Only one web design agency with experience can help you maximize sales through the Constanta SEO optimization process.

activity report

The Constanta SEO promotion and optimization agency offers you detailed reports to analyze the performance obtained as a result of online marketing. The evolution of customers and sales will know an upward curve. We will analyze which pages are the most accessed, which still need to be improved, at what hours or days of the week the website is most accessed, all with the help of Google Analytics.

The Constanta SEO Optimization Agency, Mensis, comes with customized promotion solutions for each individual business. Every business is different, that's why we will only use those strategies that will bring the most results. Our services of site optimization I only pursue the best results.

For online stores, more optimizations are usually required because security and performance go hand in hand. Optimizing an online store involves optimizing each individual product page. Here we are talking about the product title, its description, and image optimization. Since online stores can have more customer traffic than a simple presentation site, we will have to carefully analyze the resources allocated. Our Constanta SEO optimization company also knows which server settings are more optimal for each type of website.

off-page seo optimization

Off-page SEO optimization it takes place only after we have taken care of the internal optimization of the site. There is no point in promoting a slow website with many errors. We will only succeed in rejecting the clients, and they will think of us as frivolous people.

The off-page optimization process is of duration. Google constantly updates its algorithms, and the promotion strategies that worked in the past may become obsolete. Mensis constanta seo optimization agency is aware of the latest Google updates, and will always keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Link building- One of the most powerful promotion factors is represented by backlinks. These are links from other sources to your business website. The links from and to sites in the field in which you operate will help search engines to better understand your business profile. Web design agency and SEO Mensis, will take care of the internal link structure, as well as the advertising campaigns.

Content creation – Without content, your website will be empty. The content is what dresses a site. We offer you copywriting services for writing quality content that will attract customers. This content can then be shared on other social networks, bringing you even more visibility online.

Social media marketing – All large companies have a strong presence on social networks. This means they can reach their customers more easily. We help you manage your Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin accounts with success.

Constanta SEO optimization services are addressed to any type of business, but especially to those who want to increase their profits. Constanta SEO optimization services are generally performed for a minimum of 6 months for satisfactory results.

Constanta SEO Optimization Services - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

What is Constanta SEO optimization?

SEO optimization is important for anyone who wants to bring their website organically to the first Google searches, in Constanta, or at the national level.

How does SEO optimization take place?

Our services of SEO optimization include internal business and website optimization (loading speed, keywords, design, etc.) as well as external optimization (social media, quality links, etc.)

How long does it take to see the results of SEO optimization?

Depending on the competition and the field in which you are active, the results can be seen starting with the first 2-3 of the SEO optimization.

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