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Copywriting services Romania

What are copywriting services?

This type of service represents an article writing strategy, it is generally used to help the SEO optimization process, favoring the site in front of Google robots. Unlike traditional texts that have the purpose of information, copywriting influences the reader to take certain actions. Copywriting services can be implemented in any field.

copywriting services
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Copywriting solutions

Mensis Agency offers you copywriting services and article writing services oriented towards SEO standards. Content writing services are a method by which to implement attractive and convincing texts for Google robots and for those who visit your site, the final goal being to convince the customer to make a purchase decision.

Advantages of copywriting

What benefits do copywriting services bring?

  • It works 24/7 for your business.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Concentrate information on the benefits and functions of the products you sell. Customers will be more inclined to buy from your company.
  • Increased conversion rate.
  • Determine visitors to return to your site.
  • Promote the business, products or services in an effective way.
  • Organic traffic is created on the site.
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Why use copywriting services?

Reasons to use copywriting services
  1. You are too attracted to your company, product or service

You can be an expert in the field in which you operate, but you may not be an expert in marketing and SEO. If you write your own text, you will focus on how your business is better than that of your competitors, or you will focus on the features of the product you are selling, without knowing if you are meeting the needs of the customers.

The set of copywriting services has the role of communicating the benefits of your products or services in a much more efficient way for potential clients and to demonstrate to them that it can help them by solving problems they have. Editing of the texts is done after a prior documentation.

  1. The time you have at your disposal is far too valuable

When you manage a business, your time manages all the daily tasks you have. To focus on the company's priorities in marketing would mean staying without a schedule, working from home and learning daily. Writing a copywriting article requires time, documentation and a lot of attention. If you choose to write your own article, it may take 3-4 days and the result may not be professional.

You are in a position to decide whether to cut your losses and buy professional copywriting services. Why not save effort and time? The marketing and web design agency Constanta Mensis can provide you with a professional editor who will capture the benefits of your business in a fast and efficient way to get the rewards of more sales. Last but not least, you will be able to spend your precious time for the development of your company.

  1. You will always present fresh web content

Google robots don't like any kind of duplicate content, if you choose a copywriting service package you will bring new content, building your every web page into a sales generator. The process of creating a presentation website can prove to be a complex thing. New, useful and carefully written content is essential in the digital age.

  1. The maximum effectiveness of a small solid investment

Any online business wants to bring organic traffic to its website.

You can invest 5% of what paid ads would cost you, in a package of copywriting services.

  1. We will analyze your business from the customer's perspective

What is more constructive than an objective opinion? You, without realizing it, are subjective when it comes to the business you manage, our team of specialists will look at you from the client's perspective to create a strategy based on a detailed analysis.

Where can copywriting services be implemented?
  1. Online shop

In the digital age, the competition is fierce, for this reason it is essential to pay attention to what messages your website conveys to consumers and especially how it is seen by search engines. Copywriting services integrate your keywords to optimize the content of your business website. We want to help you give your store visitors reasons to stay on the site, read the content and especially make the purchase decision.



  1. Blog

A blog connects you with the consumer and strengthens the relationship with him, making him think subjectively about you. Regardless of the category of people you want to address. Our agency can create attractive articles that will make readers tell their friends about the information they read or help you create a blog from scratch.

  1. SEO Articles

In the SEO optimization phase, adding new content to the site can mean a well-structured article written by a professional copywriter. SEO articles have the main role of generating new content on the site, implementing keywords in a page and bringing organic traffic to the site. SEO articles are loved by Google robots, bringing a good score to the site, so that later it is sent in front of other sites in the search results page. This is one of the steps we follow in the website optimization process.

If you want to position yourself on the first page of the search results, copywriting services are an essential pawn. Our marketing agency can offer copywriting services to potential clients, our specialists will do a thorough analysis to find the most sought-after topics in your field.

  1. Descriptions for products and services

If you want to sell products using the Internet, users must find you using search engines. The battle is very big in the online environment, to be in front of consumers you need carefully made and SEO optimized descriptions. Even from the website creation phase, you must know which keywords each page will target, for the best possible results in search engines.

Our copywriting specialists are ready to make you a professional package of services to succeed in generating more sales.

  1. Newsletters

A method to inform customers about the best-selling products or to present them with current offers are newsletters, they are an informative bulletin that your customers can constantly receive by e-mail. If newsletters are made professionally, they can bring certain benefits, such as:

  • Building visibility
  • Better brand recognition
  • Transmission of personalized content
  • Increasing sales
  • Stronger relationships with customers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Optimize time and budget
  • You can analyze what works
  • Establish authority
  • It builds emotion
  1. Press Releases

A copywriting article on the website of a news agency is always welcome, it can bring you visits to the website, potential clients and the visibility of your business. Mensis Agency has partners specialized in publishing advertisements on prestigious websites.

  1. Landing pages

A landing page is a destination page that has the role of making the visitor take a certain action. The copywriting services implemented on a landing page can help Internet users to reach your page more easily and to capture the visitors' information in exchange for an offer.

  1. Posters, brochures, flyers, banners

Since a constant promotion means potential customers, we can create promotional materials attractive to your business.

  1. Social Media

Social networks have developed enormously in recent years, and 90% of people spend a good part of their free time on them. Social Media represents a great opportunity for the business environment and the place where you can develop long-term relationships with consumers.

Our marketing agency can provide you with copywriting services for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok.

  • Facebook is the most popular social network, with 1.69 billion users. This social network hosts so much information about users, that with a well-designed marketing campaign you can bring hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of potential customers. Facebook brings certain advantages to companies, such as: creating a low-cost marketing strategy, sharing information about your business, discussions with existing and potential customers, offering customer assistance, increasing brand awareness, directing traffic to your website, targeted advertising. The copywriting services implemented on Facebook bring certain benefits, such as: capturing attention, building desire, arousing interest and building desire. Our marketing agency can use powerful words that capture attention, create a promotional package to spark initial interest in your product, connect deeply with the consumer and maintain their interest by creating a strong desire.
  • Instagram is the application that has the highest rate of open public in the world to try something new, it occupies an important role in consumers' phones, being the application they look at on the bus, subway, tram or when standing at traffic lights, those who have an account I also use this application to scroll through content during breaks from work, to edit photos and, of course, to share different moments with friends. It allows businesses to sell more than products, to sell the fulfillment of desires or the solution of a problem. Like any application, it comes with various benefits for the business environment, such as: functions for visual marketing, high purchasing power, advanced advertising targeting options, tradability, statistics and additional buttons for business profiles, the opportunity to reach unexploited customers, warming brand quality, good brand-follower relations, understanding your customer base and visual appeal (people are much more attracted to an image than a simple text). If you don't have an Instagram account for your business, we can give you some reasons to create one: the more people use Instagram, some businesses work daily to assert themselves, any size of company can prosper, you can make money easily from Instagram, you can associate yourself much more easily with influencers, contests on this platform reach a larger number of registrants and people who see them faster, and a large Instagram account can help you mobilize your business during the crisis. Mensis marketing agency can create an extended reach for your business with the help of Instagram and copywriting services.
  • Linkedln is the social network oriented towards the business world. Companies use this application to gain more exposure, demonstrate employee knowledge and skills, research, follow other companies or recruit new employees. The copywriting services implemented in the articles on Linkedln can bring you big steps ahead of the competition and can help your company's reputation.
  • YouTube is the application based on uploading and watching audio-video content, this is the best channel you can use for video marketing, because researchers say that the ads that are not ignored are the video ones. Using YouTube for your business you can enjoy boosts in SEO, you can develop your traffic and brand awareness, you can expand on social media, you can improve your profitability and diversify your marketing strategy. Copywriting services implemented on YouTube can help you connect with potential clients in a unique and memorable way.
  • Pinterest is an application that reached 250 million active users in 2018, this application is based on sharing images or video clips with other users, you can upload, save, sort and manage what you want, and then other users can save your posts in the form of panels. If you want to sell products all over the world, Pinterest can be one of the solutions.
  • Twitter is a social media platform where users send and read short messages called "tweets". This offers businesses a cost-effective method of interacting with consumers. Companies use Twitter to have easier access to audiences from all over the world, at the same time advancing the opportunity to interact with customers, instead of continuously promoting the products and services they offer.
  • TikTok is present in 150 countries, the platform that developed the fastest, currently having more than 800 million active users. This application allows its users to share videos on any topic with a maximum length of 60 seconds. This is a platform exploited very little or not at all on the Romanian market. The audience on TikTok is between 10 and 45. TikTok users love the app, it's part of their daily routine, they spend an average of 52 minutes a day. In addition to posting content, brands can search for creators whose audiences best match their company's target market. It's hard to quantify this, but the TikTok app has an incredible algorithm. Jennifer Lopez recently posted the same video on Twitter and TikTok, on Twitter she has 45 million followers and got 2 million views, and on TikTok only 5 million followers and got 71 million views. The phenom application had 104 million downloads last month, with an increase of 46% compared to the period last year. If you don't have an account on TikTok, now is the time to create one before the application changes its algorithm. Our Mensis marketing agency can help you get a popular account.
Why is copywriting one of the most used seo strategies?

This strategy has a very large weight in the optimization of a site, because it increases its authority and relevance, ultimately improving its ranking in the Google search results for the selected keywords. Thus, you can find yourself at the top of the search results through an organic method, and the money you could have paid for sponsoring the web page, you can invest in market research or in the quality of the products and services you offer. SEO article writing services have the role of creating useful, compelling and valuable content targeting certain keywords. You can use SEO copywriting services regardless of the field in which you operate.


How does the Mensis marketing agency work to offer you professional copywriting services?

We want the final result to be professional, to bring you sales and to exceed your goals. For these things, our copywriting specialist implements the following steps:

  1. Reviewing your application

Starting with the analysis of your requirements, the copywriter appointed for your project will implement a certain strategy.

  1. Setting a deadline

We take into account the volume of materials you need and establish the best deadline for you.

  1. Studying the competition

The "battle" for the first places in the digital era is very big, and analyzing the competition is essential.

  1. Sending the sketch to our marketing and communication specialist

We want the final result to be effective for your business and to leave its mark in the field in which you are active, that's why we use and analyze two opinions.

  1. Adjusting the text design

Because beauty attracts and is one of the characteristics of professionalism, we will establish an eligible design for your business, the website you own, the values of the brand and the field in which you operate.

  1. Preparation of materials

Our copywriter will analyze the materials made again.

  1. We ask for your feedback

After you tell us what you think, we make the final changes.

  1. Transmission of the final result

After we make the last changes, we will send you the final form of the project.

You can personally analyze a short copywriting guide for more information on what to follow when writing professional texts and articles.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) – Editing text articles

Why do I need copywriting services?
Where can I use copywriting?

Copywriting is most often found in: articles, product descriptions, social media, blogs, news platforms, newsletters, information campaigns, etc.

Can you write SEO optimized articles?

We carefully edit all our texts, so that they are optimized both for search engines (SEO) and for customers.

How do you write the texts?

Each text used to promote a product or service is elaborated on the basis of in-depth documentation, in order to gain knowledge and textual authority. We read texts that sell!

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