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The logo will make your brand easily recognizable. The logo will convey the values and virtues of your company


Logo creation services

Visual identity

Our logo creation services will make your brand and company easily recognizable. The logo will convey a message about your business through color, shapes, sizes, etc. It is good to leave these details to a company with experience in creating logos.

The logo will be personalized and attractive, so that it conveys trust and seriousness to your customers. Regardless of the size of your business, the logo is essential for your visual identity.

logo design creation

Modern design

A modern logo is easier to remember, and simpler. Gone are the days when a logo was loaded like a Christmas tree.

Unique design

Your company's logo will differentiate you from the competition. We want the created logo to be easily noticed, and to attract attention.


A memorable logo will guarantee you more customers. It is not often that someone forgets the name of your company, but will remember the logo.


We will create a logo that can be used in many ways, shapes and situations. It must look good wherever you present it.

Create a company logo

Your brand matters!

The logo together with the name have the role of carrying forward the name of your company. In future promotion strategies, the logo will definitely be the most visible element.

The created logo will practically speak the language of the consumer. A cheap logo will repel customers, conveying the same impression about the quality of the products and services offered. Choose a high-class logo!

If SEO optimization it will bring more visibility to the site, the logo will inspire more trust and seriousness for your customers.

constant web design

When you want to build a strong business, a logo with a professional design is absolutely necessary. A creative logo can attract more customers due to its modern design and the impression it conveys. The next step would be creating a website and online promotion his.

Having a logo is not enough to create a strong brand identity. An ugly logo, however, can easily destroy your company's reputation. A logo with a careful design can reach your target audience more easily, and can communicate the value of your company and the products/services offered. Therefore, the number of clients you have can be closely related to the design of your logo.

The logo is the visual representation of your company, or of the values it possesses. When choosing a logo design, it is important to make sure that it will represent you as faithfully as possible. We offer you some tips that you should take into account in the process of creating a company logo:

  • How the created logo will look on different products. Logos are often found on business cards, folders, banners. This aspect must be taken into account, as it will influence the image of your business. The logo must attract the attention of your customers, and they must recognize it quickly.
  • The emotions, the sensations it conveys. Certain colors, shapes, words will create a strong emotional response to customers. It is good to give them a positive impression, which will make them trust your business brand.


The perfect logo will say it all without saying a word. It will convey confidence, feelings, excellence and integrity. A series of values and virtues without the need for a multitude of articles about your company. Creating an optimal logo will evoke a sense of connection between your brand and consumers. It will establish a connection between the company and its community of fans, friends, critics and partners.

The logo created by us will act as a symbol of success and as a commitment to the client. It is the fulfillment of a partnership between a business owner and a graphic designer. The collaboration between these two entities will result in the creation of an ideal logo.

Creating a logo is not only about how it will look, but also about how it will attract the attention of current and potential consumers. In the case of the Mensis agency, its logo is relatively simple. I chose a font from the Sans Serif family, and simple colors. Usually simple colors (black and white) denote more seriousness. The created logo is as clear as it is concise.

It is very possible to create a professional logo without spending a lot of money. The most efficient method of logo creation is to find and refine an already existing model, so that it represents your business as well as possible. Following this general rule, you will

To begin with, the main step in creating a logo is to find models from your domain that look the best. Let's take the example of a flower shop that has floral arrangements or a rose in its logo. We'll take those stems, and we can give them a more prominent color, the flowers will be some bright red roses, and below that is the name of the company.

Ask your colleagues and friends if they understand the message of the created logo. It often happens that we meet clients who make less inspired choices in terms of design. An objective opinion will always provide the best results and convictions. Call on people who will give their honest opinion.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have an elegant design that reflects your message and the essence of the company. Avoid creating a logo that is too difficult to describe, too abstract and difficult to interpret.

The right logo can inspire loyalty and instill love for effective design. Choose your logo carefully, so that your business will prosper in the future!

Creating a company logo - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Why do I need a logo?
The logo will make your brand easily recognizable. It will convey to your clients what services you offer and in which field you are active. The logo will appear on your company's business card, it will always represent you.
What shapes can a logo have?
Your company logo can appear in the following forms: abbreviation of the company name (Coco Chanel), symbol (Apple), simple brand name (IKEA), emblem (Harley Davidson) and others.
How long will the logo be ready?
Usually a maximum of 7 working days are enough to make the desired emblem.
How should a logo look?
In general, we recommend that a logo be simple, memorable and modern. Overloaded logos are a thing of the past.
How much does it cost to create a logo?
The price for creating a logo starts from 50 euros.
Where will I be able to use the created logo?
The company logo will be part of the visual identity of your business. It can be present on: business cards, catalogs, leaflets, street banners, folders, shopping bags, cars and others.

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Logo design services