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Creation of online ecommerce store

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E-commerce solutions

Creating an online store it can make the difference between failure and success, between profit and loss. Your customers need a modern shopping option, because society is changing. Physical distance will no longer be a problem for your products and services! Online stores are making more and more profit. Does your business manage these performances?

online store creation services

Virtual store creation services

virtual store creation services

Ecommerce Development

Complete ecommerce services

When we create an online store, we integrate all the elements necessary to run it at high standards. It will be able to process online payments, it will be secured with SSL certificate and firewall, SEO optimized and prepared to sell as many products and services of your business as possible.

ecommerce site creation services

Why an online store?

Because most sales take place online. When you have an online store, your customers find you much easier. Benefit from other advantages of e-commerce such as: easy-to-administer online shopping platform, invoicing platforms, stock management, greater reputation, more customers and more profit.

Online billing

We offer the possibility of creating an automatic system for issuing invoices, all completely manageable. No hassle!

AWB integration

You can automatically issue any type of AWB for courier companies such as FAN Courier, Urgent Cargus, DPD and many others.

Promotions / Discounts

You can always create seasonal promotions, loyalty coupons or permanent discounts to attract as many customers as possible.

The ideal solution

All online stores created by our web design agency can benefit from: management of products in stock with accounting software, management of transport documents and invoices, customer relations, the option to share certain products on social media pages, multimedia section, etc. .

Mensis Agency comes with a solution for every business that wants to expand in the online environment. Our specialists in web design and SEO optimization will take care of that the online store created to sell as much as possible, and at the same time guarantee a gradual increase in sales. The webstie created by us will be specially designed for the target audience, more precisely, for buyers.

An online store, compared to a presentation site, must be permanently maintained, improved, reconfigured, updated with new security and stability packages and optimized for SEO. Everything must be harmoniously integrated, to offer customers the most pleasant shopping experience.

The team working on creating a website will thus have to be made up of several specialized people. Hard to anticipate problems may arise, but Mensis Agency has the necessary experience and specialists.

Our constant web design agency will provide you with technical support whenever you encounter a problem in the functioning of the website.

The online environment is the ideal space to propel businesses in any field. We can help you create an online image for your business, also offering graphics and copywriting services.

We can create an online store from scratch, with an advantageous price, with quality as the first objective. We will provide you with training in accessing the tools necessary to manage all the functions of the online store. We will support you along the way, to be able to increase the conversion rate of users, so that the number of visitors and the number of buyers increase. We will help you create an online store as you wish!

creating a secure virtual store

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Secure online store

Creating a secure ecommerce solution, it can leave its mark on the development of your business. Today's customers need a modern, simple and secure shopping option. Society and its needs are constantly evolving. Businesses that do not know how to secure their customers' data stand to lose in the long term. Do you think you can afford such problems? We help you sell safely and quickly.

create a secure online store
Pay online

Your customers have several payment options at their disposal: cash on delivery, via SMS, card payment or payment order.

Newsletter / Social media

Newsletter campaigns allow you to inform your list of customers / subscribers about new products or discounts, increasing sales.

Maintenance & administration

A website must be constantly updated and maintained, otherwise it risks not selling anymore and getting out of Google searches. Moreover, a site that is not updated and secured can always fall prey to hackers. We take care of the maintenance and good functioning of the site.


To create an online store, a detailed analysis and planning is necessary beforehand. The onine store you want must attract as many customers as possible, and sell just as many products or services. Our solution ecommerce optimized will generate constant profits.

An online store must be easy to manage, but this depends a lot on the category of products or services that are sold, as well as on the target audience. In order to create the most accurate price offer for the "online store creation" service, our experts need as much information as possible, such as: previous sales experience, IT knowledge, future plans.

The more information we have, the easier it is for us to choose an online store building platform that will sell well for years.

Our web design knowledge will give the virtual store an imposing and unique image. You can also call at creation of a presentation site.

When you think about the price of the online store, you must also think about the future plans. A small investment today, could affect the optimal development of an online store in the future, if your business escalates at an optimal pace. SEO optimization of the virtual store is a vital process for the long-term success of the business.

Our web design agency will use innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technology, and will dedicate itself to each individual online store. Customer satisfaction comes first in the choices we make. The cost of an online store cannot be the same for all customers, since each online store is unique, with more complex requirements or more services, each with a different target audience.

We provide you with an easily manageable platform, with the ability to change and add information or products at any time. This will allow the business to evolve as the online store gets more and more customers.

High-performance ecommerce platform

There are different ecommerce platforms for managing an online store such as: Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and Woocomerce. Of all these, the Woocomerce platform that best integrates with WordPress offers tools and advanced support for all types of stores.

What do our customers say?

We have been looking for some time for an ecommerce agency to help us successfully manage our online sales platform. Everything is simple now.


Ecommerce platform manager

The services offered proved to be professional and with results to measure. Administering and maintaining an online site is not that easy, that's why we recommend you contact an experienced company like Mensis Agency!


Virtual store owner

The company's personnel recommended us the best settings and actions to increase the sales of our online store. We are very pleased!


Owner of Online Clothing Store

Creating an Online Store - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How much does it cost to create an online store?

A virtual store requires a higher complexity compared to a presentation site. The store generally has more advanced functions, more pages and must be carefully secured.

How long does it take to create the online store?

The duration of the project is conditioned mainly by how quickly the materials are made available. In general, the electronic store will be ready between 20 and 40 working days.

Which CMS platform will you use to manage the store?

One of the most popular management platforms for Ecommerce is WordPress. With the help of the WooCommerce plugin, you can get personalized and advanced online stores. In general, our agency recommends this option.

Can I personally manage the site after completion?

The CMS interface will facilitate the administration of the site, without the need for specialized knowledge. You will thus be able to follow product statistics, keep track of sales, add new products or services, and much more.

Can you manage my site after its creation?

To help you sell as much as possible, we have special packages for the maintenance and administration of online stores. They constantly need updates to be safe and functional.

What advantages do I have if I choose the Mensis agency?

The store will be optimized for seo, on-page, will load quickly, and will be properly framed on mobile devices (responsive design). These are just some of the advantages offered, but the most appreciated by clients.

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