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Online marketing agency advantages

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A marketing agency is a formidable ally in front of the competition and a reliable friend for your business. This type of enterprise represents a team of well-trained people in the fields of marketing, communication and economics who are prepared to promote your business, attract customers and offer you solutions.

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Experience in Online Marketing

With an experience accumulated in years of work and study, the agency Mensis marketing has encountered many situations of many small, medium and large companies from all fields which it has passed with flying colors, our marketing company does its best to constantly specialize in order to offer you the best services. Our team is aware of new marketing tactics, new communication channels and trends that leave their mark on the consumer.

Online promotion

Online promotion campaigns

Realization of promotion campaigns is one of the main reasons why companies collaborate with a marketing agency, companies choose to collaborate with us, because they want to work with professionals, people with experience and teams that have encountered all kinds of situations. Our marketing company can offer you a complete package of promotion services at a fair and advantageous price. Depending on the field in which you are active, we will choose the most effective promotion method.

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Why use a marketing agency?

Solutions offered by a marketing agency

Mensis Marketing Agency can offer you marketing services, such as:

  • Designing and analyzing the customer avatar
  • Choosing and analyzing the market niche
  • Customer loyalty techniques
  • Choosing the type of marketing according to the business you own
  • E-mail marketing
  • Carrying out promotional campaigns
  • SEO audit
  • SEO optimization
  • Copywriting
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Optimizing the marketplace
  • Management and creation of content for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • Implementation of Whatsapp Business (offering automatic messages to people who contact the respective phone number)
  • Implementation and management of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google AdWords, Google Shopping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creating a website / online store
  • Website maintenance and administration
  • Branding and logo
  • etc.

Creation of a website or online store represent the primordial stages in the digital era, where the competition is big and tough. Our marketing agency has created dozens of websites and online stores, the experience we have ensures that we can create a professional website or online store with a web design suggestive of the business you own. 

After creating a website, many companies think that they are done and that they have nothing to do, but maintenance and administration of a website they are the ones that make the difference, these two processes are of the first order in the way of having an effective website both for you and for your customers. These services keep the site in optimal conditions to generate a constant flow of users who remain with a pleasant experience and to tell their friends. Websites are not profitable without constant maintenance. IT and marketing specialists say that to get good results, you have to constantly upload new content, whether it's text, images or videos. If you want to manage your website properly, you must implement the HTML language and the SEO principles that change from one week to the next.

The marketing agency we own can administer all content management systems, including the most complex ones. 

Branding and logo represent two elements that, working together, bring the perspective you want in front of the customers.

The Mensis marketing company can create an identity that reflects the values of the business you own.

customer profile analysis

Designing and analyzing the customer avatar is the key to business development. When a business knows who it is addressing, it can customize offers and especially knows where to present itself. Our marketing agency designs the profile of the ideal client, we establish it at the product and/or service level, it helps us to fit the client into certain typologies. The Mensis marketing firm will first analyze the characteristics of an ideal customer, our specialists will analyze those who buy frequently and generate significant income in your business, will consider those who appreciate the products and services you provide and do not negotiate the purchase price, consumers recommending the store to friends and many other details that only a marketing specialist can master. Then the first details about the ideal client, whether it is a natural or legal person, location, age, income level, etc. will follow.

A marketing agency that respects itself does not go on the road without analyzing the profile of the ideal client.


Choosing and analyzing the market niche it tells us not only where you compete, but also how you do this action. Nisa represents a segment of potential customers who share a certain need. Mensis marketing agency can go for a certain niche in order to differentiate you more easily from other businesses, we can see or we can help you design the product that few of the competitors, or maybe none, offer. Because we are a professional marketing company, we use operational processes practiced by a limited number of accountants.

Customer loyalty techniques they are the ones that bring the easiest and most income. The Mensis marketing agency can analyze customer interactions with your business and then make the decision to start a loyalty campaign.

Choosing the type of marketing according to the business you own it is essential. Depending on the field in which you apply, your business may suit search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, contextual marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, interactive marketing, social media marketing, direct response marketing, promotional marketing, etc.

How can you collaborate with Mensis Marketing Agency?

               You can contact us by phone, by email or you can leave your contact details on our website and we will contact you.

With the aim of developing your business, we carry out the following stages:

  1. We establish the future concept for the brand or improve the current one - we want to create a suggestive, attractive identity that expresses the values of your company and with which you can stand out from the competition.
  2. We guarantee you notoriety in the online and offline environment - depending on the business you own, we take care to apply the best strategy for you.
  3. We establish contact with potential clients - we take all the necessary measures so that the target audience finds out and is up to date with the offers of the company you manage. Looking at online promotion, we can assure you that website visitors receive advertisements from it to influence them in their comparison decision, in the online environment we can generate site visits through paid techniques or organically.
  4. We generate sales - in the online environment we use copywriting, because it works for you 24/7, and in the offline environment we analyze and then make the best decisions.
  5. We develop the entire process - since we have chosen the most suitable strategy for your business, we fruit all the processes and start the promotion campaign.
Email marketing & seo optimization

Email marketing it is a form of direct marketing that will never disappear, representing an accessible and very effective promotion channel. It allows you to interact with existing customers, with those interested in your products and to personalize each interaction, personalizing the interaction being a technique of consumer loyalty. According to the Direct Marketing Association: the ROI (return on investment) of an email marketing campaign can reach up to 3800%; 72% of people would prefer to receive promotional messages via email than via social media; 38% of those interviewed say that the main reason that leads them to subscribe to a newsletter consists in offering a bonus/voucher, etc. The Mensis marketing agency found a market research in which the specialists report the performance of email campaigns is better than that of paid campaigns in social media, more precisely 40 times higher, according to a study by McKinsey & Company.

SEO optimization represents the most effective way of promotion over a long period of time. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimization for search engines. This is a set of procedures by which a site advances in search engine results. SEO techniques help to increase website traffic and generate new customers. The Mensis marketing agency claims that SEO optimization comes with 5 great benefits: increasing brand visibility; an optimized site can easily get ahead of the competition; become a creditable brand, because people trust Google's results and your website can reach the first results of the keyword search. Our SEO specialists can bring your website to the first positions of Google.

Copywriting is a writing method that optimizes content to bring traffic to the client's website. Our marketing company is up-to-date with digital technology, including changes to the Google algorithm, so as to apply SEO techniques correctly in copywriting, and our specialists are ready to implement copywriting in your website.  

E-commerce solutions are a multitude of services that help a company carry out activities electronically. The range of e-commerce solutions available is vast, including those that help maximize sales in a marketplace. The Mensis marketing agency will be at your disposal with optimal solutions for the business you own. SEO optimization and PPC campaigns are only among the most popular solutions, but they are not the only ones.

Social Media Promotion

Managing and creating content for Social Media they represent two essential actions in the digital age, where consumers search for information on the Internet and see how they can connect with the brand. It comes with a rich package of benefits such as:

  • Increasing the degree of brand awareness - Social media platforms are used by almost half of the entire planet's population, they represent an organic place to reach potential customers. Internet users do not connect on social media only with the brands they know and use, a recent study shows that 60% of the people who use Instagram discover new products on the platform daily.
  • Humanizing the brand - A UK study released by Trintry Mirror Solutions found that the vast majority of adults do not trust a brand until they see "real proof" that it lives up to its promises. To connect with current and potential customers, you must present the human side of your brand, how you embrace its values, how you analyze the best interests of customers and employees, whether your product or service really works and what feedback you have received from -over time. Companies generally turn to a Mensis marketing agency because our employees have the ability to create a real human connection through social networks, this connection being one of the key advantages for businesses in social media.
  • Establishing the business among thought leaders, regardless of the industry of which it is a part. Specialists say that the strategy of showing Internet users that you can be a thought leader, giving them information and presenting different benefits is an excellent way to strengthen your consumer trust.
  • Posts and announcements on social media are essential ways of driving traffic growth on a website, sharing content on social media channels can immediately get visitors to your website. The Mensis marketing agency recommends that when users move from posts to chat, it is recommended to personalize each interaction, this action proving that you offer special attention to your customers.
  • Increasing sales, regardless of what you sell. Your social media accounts are a critical part of your sales funnel
  • You can perform expertise and methods to increase your audience.
  • You can become a viral brand as people start liking you, commenting on your posts and sharing the content you offer with their friends.
  • You can create contests with low costs.
  • You can implement hashtags to create a library of posts.
  • You can deal with reputation management.
  • Social media can save you from the crisis.
  • You have the chance to interact directly with customers.
  • You can offer assistance to customers without them physically being at your store. The Mensis marketing agency claims that people are willing to spend more with a brand that provides them with the necessary information in a timely manner.
  • You can learn more about customers in real time.
  • You can evaluate the sentiment around your brand.
  • You have the opportunity to follow the competition and analyze when it is the moment of implementation for different promotions
  • You can become a news item at any time, because things in the online environment move very quickly.

The Mensis marketing agency can create and implement a content marketing plan. An exposure in social media is extremely beneficial, because all those actions, such as likes, comments and shares, show an existing connection with the brand you own.


Whatsapp Business is a new trend that demonstrates to your clients that you offer them interest regardless of the working hours of the company you own. Our marketing company can implement the best Whatsapp Business strategy and create texts for clients who want to be connected with a brand.


Implementation and management of online promotion campaigns Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google AdWords, Google Shopping represent the way you can reach potential customers regardless of where they are or where you are. This package of online marketing tactics represents one of the most effective modern marketing methods in terms of costs and especially the final result.

  • Facebook Ads is a form of advertising that works extremely well since it appeared until now. This allows you to manage data and information according to the customer avatar you have, you can address them according to their location or where they come from, their age, etc.
  • Instagram Ads is mostly dedicated to young people, it comes with the main power of stimulating brand awareness, and in the end it can generate traffic and sales. Ads done wrong can cause errors, waste of resources and can distance your brand from potential customers. Collaboration with a marketing agency is recommended to generate results.
  • YouTube Ads has proven that promotion through videos is the most effective, it allows you to inform and encourage consumers about your brand.
  • Google Ads is a form of online promotion provided by the largest search engine in the world, it allows you to create online ads to reach audiences interested in the products and services you offer, this promotion technique comes with a great benefit, it runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, that is, you have to pay only when the visitor clicks on the ad, not when he sees it.
  • Google My Business is a platform that helps you create and present a business list, it ensures that you provide the necessary information for which customers need to visit your store or website.
  • Google AdWords is the advertising system through which you can bid on a certain keyword, reaching the top of Google searches more easily.
  • Google Shopping allows those interested in your products to find and buy more easily what interests them.

The Mensis marketing agency can implement powerful ad targeting actions to meet your goals.


Competitor analysis represents a key process that is done before starting a marketing strategy.

Our marketing company has specialists who can carry out the studies, analyzes and list of suggestions necessary for your business.

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