It is very important for us to correctly inform the users of this website about our privacy policy regarding the use of personal data, so in the following we provide you with precise information about what kind of data we collect from you, how we use them, for what purpose we use them and what your rights are in this context.

As we are always open to providing you with all the necessary information related to the processing of your personal data, we have created two special buttons on this page that will help you exercise the option regarding your legal rights in the simplest possible way, without other formalities, time and effort on your part may be required.

First of all we need to define, and it is important for you to understand, some expressions:

"Personal data" generically represents any kind of information about a natural person, the particularities of which can lead, directly or indirectly, to its identification. We will list here, by way of example, but not limited to: first and last name, geographic address, any identification number, political orientation, sexual orientation, email address, any location information and any other online identifier such as device used to access the Internet, IP address or information obtained through cookies, etc.

"Personal data processing" means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data or sets of personal data, with or without the use of automated means, such as: collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage , adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, using, disclosing to third parties by transmission, dissemination or in any other way, joining or combining, blocking/restricting, deleting or destroying.

"Personal data operator" represents any natural or legal person, under private or public law, including public authorities, institutions and their territorial structures, which establishes the purpose and means of personal data processing. Data Operator ( in the sense of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data) is MENSIS STUDIO SRL legal person of Romanian nationality, with registered office in CONSTANT, with order number in the Trade Register J13/3589/2018, unique code of tax registration 40275094, responsible for processing your personal data in connection with the website.

"Agreement" means the free and express consent granted, with knowledge of the matter, regarding the use of your personal data for the purpose declared by us, namely the sale of goods and/or the provision of specific services. Regarding your consent, in the context of the collection and use of personal data, we have taken all technical measures so that you can give us this consent in full knowledge of the case, from the first to the last interaction with this site.


To fulfill our commercial purpose.

Our commercial purpose, in reference to the object of our company's activity, is the online sale of women's clothes and accessories, and the new personal data protection rules (GDPR), which are objectionable to us, are part of this context.

To improve our services.

We always want to offer you the best online experience, and for this, we may collect and use certain information about your behavior and preferences on the website, or we may conduct, directly or with the help of partners, studies and market research.

To improve marketing activity.

We want to keep you informed about the best offers for the products/services that interest you. In this sense, we can send you, if you have opted for it, any type of message (such as: e-mail/SMS/telephone/mobile push/webpush/etc.) containing general and thematic information, information with about products or services similar or complementary to those you have purchased, information about offers or promotions, as well as other commercial communications.

To defend our legitimate interests.

There may be situations where we will use or share information to protect our rights and business. These may include:

– measures to protect the website and platform users against cyber attacks:

– measures to prevent and detect fraud attempts, including the transmission of information to the competent public authorities;

– other measures to manage various risks.

Therefore, we commit to:

to protect the confidentiality of your data, this representing a special priority for the management of our company;
to use this data for the sole purpose of providing you with a personalized experience both on our website and on the online platforms on which we promote our products and services (Facebook and Google, etc.).


Your personal data will only be used if we have your consent, in several ways, depending on their nature and specificity. Below we have detailed all the types of data we may collect and how we may subsequently use it:

Email Address

If you have provided us with your email address, it may be used by us to send you informational emails regarding offers related to our products and services, contracts to be signed, invoices related to purchases, but also to the articles and resources related to our activity, which we periodically publish on this site;

Name and surname

If you have provided us with your Name and Surname, we will be able to use this data to personalize the emails you receive from us. The platform we use is for the presentation of our products and services, and it allows us to personalize, based on the data provided, your experience in the relationship with us, both in the online environment and in direct communication. In the latter context, where and if applicable, we could use this data to enter into contracts, express or implied, between our company and you;

Home or residence address

If you have provided us with your home or residence address, we will be able to use this data to conclude contracts with you according to our object of activity, or to deliver the goods or services contracted through the website.

Professional function

If it was necessary to provide us with your professional function, this data may be used to personalize the emails or contracts you receive from us, and in general, to personalize your experience with us;

Phone number

If you have provided us with your phone number, this data may be used to contact you directly, if you purchase one or more of our products and services, for the purpose of informing you of any changes, in the purpose of data confirmation or for any other situations that would require contacting you quickly;

Company data (billing data)

If you have provided us with the data of the company where you are an associate, employee, owner or administrator, such as CNP (at PFA/II), CUI, Registration number at the Trade Register, address of the company headquarters, bank account, bank name, the name and position of the legal representative, we will be able to use this data to conclude previously agreed contracts with you;

Any other personal data necessary for the fulfillment of commercial purposes

In this category we include any kind of additional personal data that results from the nature of our business and is related to the need to carry out the contractual relationship between us and you, such as by way of example, but not limited to: data about owned goods , religious orientation, sexual orientation, biometric data, health, family data, etc.

Browser/IP/Device Data

If you have agreed to collect it, we may collect details about the browser you use, IP address, device details such as hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers and mobile network information, including phone number. We use this data to determine how you use our site, with the aim of making the necessary changes to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for;

Unique Device Identifiers (sometimes called Universally Unique ID or UUID) are a string of characters built into a device by the manufacturer. This can be used to identify the device exactly (for example, the IMEI number of a mobile phone). Different device identifiers differ in several ways: validity, whether or not they can be reset by users, and how they can be accessed. A given device can have several different unique identifiers. Unique Device Identifiers may be used for various purposes, including for security and to detect fraud, to synchronize services, for example, messages received at a user's email address, to remember user preferences and to serve advertisements relevant.

Location information

Depending on your device permissions, we automatically collect and process information about your current location. We use various technologies to determine your location, including IP address, GPS, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. Your location data may allow you a personalized experience with our website, products or services, and may help us compile anonymous statistics about your use of them.


The https header

Taking into account the current state of the art, implementation costs and the nature, purpose, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risk of the various possibilities of affecting the rights and freedoms of natural persons, we have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security , through:

pseudonymization and encryption of personal data;
the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services;
In other words, the GDPR Regulation requires that information be protected by "appropriate technical and organizational measures", including the encryption of personal data and the ability to ensure the continuous confidentiality of systems and services. Digital certificates (including TLS / SSL) and encryption have been de facto requirements for all confidential communications around the online world for more than 30 years and are among the most ubiquitous paradigms in existence today.

App data cache

An app data cache is a store of data on a device. It can, for example, allow a web application to run without an internet connection and can improve application performance by allowing content to load faster.

Storage of data from the web through the browser

Browser web data storage allows websites to store data in a browser on your device. When used in "local storage" mode, the feature allows data to be saved between sessions (for example, so that data can also be retrieved after closing and reopening the browser). A technology that allows data to be stored on the web is HTML 5.

Cookies and similar technologies

The cookie policy is detailed in a separate section on this page.


A device is a computer that can be used to access our website and services. For example, a device can be a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, or any other electronic device equipped with capabilities necessary for a browser and that connects to the Internet.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

These constitute registered information about users, so that they no longer reflect and no longer refer to an individually identifiable user.

Pixel tag

A pixel tag is a type of technology placed on a website or in the content of an email for the purpose of tracking activity on websites or when emails are opened or accessed, and is often used in combination with cookies the hours.

Sensitive personal information

This is a special category of personal information associated with confidential medical information, racial or ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Server logs

As with most websites, our servers automatically record page requests made when a user accesses our websites. These "server logs" typically include your web request, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of the request, and one or more cookies that can uniquely identify your browser.


You are not obliged to provide us with any data, but everything is strictly at your option, but it is important to understand that without them your relationship with us may be limited or impossible, and that certain parts of the website may not work correctly, not be able to collaborate with, or notify you about products and services in our portfolio that you may be interested in. In turn, listing the above does not obligate us to collect all of this data, but we may only collect some of it, depending on your choices in dealing with us.


As a general rule, we will store your personal data as long as you have an account on our website platform.

You may request that we delete certain information or close your account at any time, and we will comply with such requests, subject to the retention of certain information including after account closure, where applicable law or our legitimate interests require it. Deletion of data, however, will entail the cancellation of your account, if it is active at the time of the deletion request.

If you agree to close your account and terminate your contractual relationship with us, your data will remain stored in our database for a further period of 60 months.

As for information collected through cookies that could help to individualize or identify you, it is stored for a period of 30 days. The cookies that contribute to the creation of statistical data regarding the use by you and by other users of the website are anonymized and are stored for a period of 60 months.


Currently, we store and process your personal data in servers located in Romania. Also, to ensure total data security, we make encrypted redundant back-ups of data stored in servers located on the territory of the European Union.


The data collected is used strictly for the purpose of improving your relationship with us. We do not sell, assign, or make your data available to third parties in any way. We offer products and services that are based on the trust of customers and potential customers, and the safety of personal data is essential in this process.

Financial transactions related to our services will be handled by our payment service providers. We will share transaction data with our payment service providers only to the extent necessary to process your payments, refund such payments, and deal with complaints and inquiries related to such payments and refunds. You can find information about the privacy policies and practices of payment service providers directly on their websites.

If our goods or services will be delivered through intermediate courier companies, you agree that the data necessary to fulfill the delivery procedures will be provided to our courier partners.

In the event that we provide the data of the users of this site to various contractual partners with whom we collaborate, we will ensure that we ask for your consent in advance, and the contracts with them will contain confidentiality clauses.

There may be exceptional cases and only on the basis of official requests, in which we will provide the data of the users of this site to the public institutions that apply the law in Romania, this provision of data being mandatory by law.

The only data about the users of this site, to which third parties have access, is aggregated and anonymized - on the basis of which the users cannot be identified.

We may make information that does not personally identify you public and allow partners (such as publishers, advertisers or linked sites) access to it. For example, we may disclose information to indicate trends in general usage of our products/services.

If our company is involved in a merger, acquisition, or asset sale, we will continue to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information and will notify affected users before personal information is transferred or be subject to another Privacy Policy.


If we have your consent, we will be able to send you, by email, marketing messages with the aim of informing you about elements of our activity that may interest you, events that we would organize, about newly published articles on this site and about useful articles published on other sites on the Internet.

Unsubscribe from the newsletter

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using one of the methods below:

By clicking on the unsubscribe link from any newsletter already received from us;

By sending us an email requesting unsubscribe.

We will ensure that you no longer receive our marketing emails. The request will be resolved within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt.


We may occasionally run online advertising campaigns to inform you about the products and services we offer and/or the articles published on this site.

For this purpose, we use the main social media and advertising networks, Facebook and Google, etc., as well as several techniques to identify users within the campaigns - based on demographic data (sex, age, geographical distribution, proximity), or interests - this information being made available to us by the networks mentioned above.

We expressly make you aware that there are instances where you may see our advertisements on other sites. These are displayed based on the information we have about you (for example, when you visit or register on our page, you may then be addressed, on Facebook or in the Google partner network, with advertising of other ancillary products/services).


These are your rights in the context of our collection and processing of your data.

The right to be informed about how your data is collected and used;
The right to access the data we hold about you;
The right to request the rectification of the data we hold about you;
The right to request the deletion of the data we hold about you;
The right to request that marketing messages be stopped from being sent to you;
The right to request the sending of your personal data to you or to another operator;
The right to file a complaint, with reference to the use of your data, to the competent authorities;
The right to withdraw your consent.
The above rights are not absolute, and there are exceptions to them, under well-defined conditions. For any questions, please contact us by sending an email or accessing this page.


Our company does not pursue, in its data processing activities, the processing of personal data of minors. Special care is taken to ensure that any processing of personal data of minors is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and in strictly determined cases.

We do not carry out promotional activities for direct marketing to minors.

Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to request services or any communications on our site unless it is done on behalf of the minor by the legal representative or guardian of the minor in question, in accordance with the law.

Minors who have reached the age of 16 may purchase products or services and request and receive communications from our site only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian, as required by law. Also, any person who provides us with personal data through the site or other applications or devices covered by this Policy guarantees that they are of legal age or of full legal capacity. Any collection or processing of personal data of minors will be carried out only in accordance with the law, and taking into account the above.


In order to ensure good transparency, in accordance with the new European rules for the protection of personal data (GDPR), please send us an email to this effect at