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SEO promotion and site optimization services. The first results in Google are earned only through SEO promotion.


Seo promotion services

SEO promotion

SEO promotion is the one that will bring you the most searches on Google and the biggest profits. Mensis SEO promotion company can thus increase your profits.

SEO promotion audit

Before starting the seo promotion stage of the site, it is essential to understand the aspects that need to be improved. Many businesses that use these services do so because they have almost no customers left. A site with a web design outdated, slow loading speed and without a social media presence is doomed to not make a profit. We will take care of the detailed analysis of the site for the internal (on-page) and external (off-page) optimization of the site.

ON-PAGE SEO promotion

On-page SEO promotion will be done at the site level. Our SEO team will take care of the following aspects and more: carefully writing titles and descriptions, optimizing images, eliminating code errors, applying an "internal link building" strategy, eliminating elements that complicate the site and others.

Content Optimization

The content of the site is the one seen by customers and by search engines. Google will analyze your business website from the customer's perspective, and if it does not find it relevant to the product or service you are trying to promote, it will not display it in searches.

Our SEO promotion team will optimize the content both for customers and for Google indexing robots. We will follow Google's rules and advice for a online promotion correct and efficient.

The competition's analysis

The competition will be the one that will dictate the effort made for site optimizationand its promotion in the online environment. Depending on the niche in which you are active, the results can be seen after a few days or after a few months.

Local businesses will be easier to promote seo, than those at the national level, due to the more numerous and more educated competition SEO optimization.

Off-page SEO promotion

Off-site promotion refers to the quality indicators that your business receives from the external environment. That is, references received on social media, by other popular sites in the field, or from news sites. The more Google sees that your website is appreciated by more and more people, the more it will understand how important your business is and why it deserves to be in the first results.

Keyword analysis

Your business website will be seo promoted for specific keywords. It is important to choose them carefully, because some targets may be too difficult to reach, or they may not have enough search results.

Our online promotion agency will carefully choose the keywords that fit the niche field in which you are active.

SEO Site Optimization

Our agency can take care of optimizing the loading speed, the content and the image of your business in social media. We offer complete web design and SEO optimization services.

site seo promotion

website seo promotion

SEO website promotion

Effective promotion of the site will bring more customers, and will generate more profit in the long term. The Mensis SEO promotion agency will help you promote your website or online store. For quick results, we offer promotion services through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads and others.

seo promotion
seo promotion services

Online marketing and promotion

SEO Marketing

Through SEM techniques (Search Engine Marketing) advanced, we can increase your visibility quickly and safely in the online environment. Paid campaigns are recommended at the beginning of a long-term SEO promotion. Paid advertisements will thus instantly increase your visibility. SEO optimization will usually take place over several months, but with lasting results.

seo promotion campaign

seo promotion audit

The SEO audit carried out by the Menis team involves a detailed analysis of each individual page. We have a list of on-page and off-page checks that we go through, to find out what exactly needs to be removed, changed or improved. The SEO audit will be carried out in accordance with the latest SEO requirements dictated by the major search engines. If you want advice to personally improve your website, we invite you to read how to optimize a WordPress site.

Google has certain search robots that "read" billions of pages daily to check for new content or the latest changes. Pages that are too slow, have loading errors or display other content than the one declared in the title, will be severely penalized. Quality content and backlinks received from other sources are generally the main ranking factors.


What does the Audit for SEO promotion include?

The SEO audit involves performing a complex analysis to identify the main factors that take you out of searches, or that can bring you a better position in the SERP. Online stores that have a lot of products, but fail to make themselves known with any of them, have a serious problem. Product promotion can be done on many channels, and we will help you to fully benefit from these online promotion channels.

Below we will present some of the aspects that we follow in seo promotion:

On-page audit – We analyze the loading speed of the website, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, access errors (error 404) or redirection errors (error 301), internal linking strategy, design problems (certain elements may not load corresponding to mobile devices, which Google penalizes), architectural problems and many others

Duplicate Content – Content copied from other sources, content that is not indexed by search engines, content that has copyright and others.

Keyword Targeting – The business website will appear in the first searches due to certain targeted keywords, specific to the field and industry in which you are active. Together we will choose the most suitable keywords, which will bring you the most results (visitors and profit).

Offsite/offpage audit –  This includes the analysis of backlinks, their source (if they come from sites active in the same field, or from sites with a strong brand such as BBC, CNN) the distribution of backlinks (if a certain page receives thousands of links and the main page which is considered the most important receives only a few, this distribution will be seen as very abnormal, because most likely this is the case of links created by automatic programs), the distribution of anchor text and targeted keywords (we will look for a natural weight of the keywords, which will satisfy the readers and the search engines), comparing the authority of the main competitors' sites and finding out the sources of authority they use (we can thus recover quickly, a lot)

Usability analysis - SEO promotion is about attracting people to the business website and keeping them there for as long as possible. Google can see if visitors to the site have entered other pages and how much time they spent on the site. The more time they spend on the site, then the User Experience indicators are higher, and the users like what they find on the website. Any Usability problem can influence the position in the SERP, and therefore the profits you get.

Through the SEO promotion process, we are also involved in its optimization at the design level, because a pleasant browsing experience on desktop and mobile devices are quality indicators for Google.

We will perform the SEO audit together, and we will perform a SWOT analysis for each individual element. The companies we collaborated with are already in the first searches, both locally and nationally.

detailed report - You will be informed by a report of all the improvements made, monthly. You will thus learn the opportunity to understand what a modern SEO promotion strategy consists of.

Do you have a site that has a low profit rate? Do you not understand why your customers leave the site after a few seconds? Do you have a very high bounce rate (customers leave the site) and a very low conversion rate? In Google searches, do you not appear on the first page using the main keywords that describe the business? Then, it's probably time to turn to professional SEO promotion services!

On-site SEO promotion

Concrete steps and actions taken by our team for On-Page Promotion:

Optimizing Meta-Titles - The "Title" tag is essential in the optimization On Page. It is practically the first thing that search engines see when they index the content of a web page. A concise, short and to-the-point Title is ideal for organic visitors. It is important to add some keywords relevant to the respective page in the title, in order to position ourselves better in Google. A descriptive title will help customers quickly find your business, the product or service you promote. A simple search on Gogole can display tens of thousands of results. It depends on the seo promotion agency you work with, to bring you in the first searches. A title that is not relevant to the content of the page, or that redirects to another totally irrelevant page, may attract penalties from Google. In our online promotion process we try to follow closely Google tips . We will use different ones to optimize the site, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, or Majestic, for guaranteed results.

Meta-Description OptimizationMeta description represents a short description of the respective page. It is recommended that it have between 50 and 160 characters. Question marks are not recommended in this description, as Google will not display them. This can make deserialization illogical. In the description, it is important to focus on the promoted product or service, also including some keywords. PPC campaigns also depend on this short summary, as they analyze the relevance of the keywords they want to promote with that short text.

HTML tags - Under process website creation, a very essential step is the structure of the site so that it can be "read" and indexed by Google Bot. In order for the search robots to be able to browse and understand the site, it must have a specific structure. The HTML language has certain tags, which will be used to facilitate indexing robots' access to the site. For example, the headings H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Bold [strong], Italic [em] are part of the seo promotion strategy for structuring the web page. H1 is the most important text, because it represents the title of the respective page. A correct organization plan of HTML tags can make the difference between a site that appears in the first searches, and one that will be ignored.

Keyword optimization - Unique and quality content has long been an indisputable ranking factor. The biggest sites have blogs where they constantly publish news and information from the field. The published articles must be relevant to the business you own, so that Google can better understand the domains in which you activate "over-optimized", or those who use too many keywords can be penalized by the Panda algorithm. It is important to find a balance between the keywords used. That's why we can use synonyms, use links to other sources in the field, or relevant pictures and clips

Link optimization - At the "beginning of time", the site that had the most links was at the top of the search results. It was perceived as a quality factor. But those links were gained with the help of automatic programs, Google's algorithms gradually became smarter, and links from automatic software enter the area of black SEO. Manual links, earned from authority sites, from local businesses, or businesses that operate in the same domain as yours, pass the most authority to the site. Link strategy is probably the most powerful SEO promotion tool.

Image optimization - A website with pictures is more pleasant for visitors. Although with the help of artificial intelligence Google can understand what is in a picture, it is recommended to help it by putting a title and a short description of the picture. This can prove useful if the site is accessed by people who use tools for voice reproduction of the site's content (generally used by people who cannot see very well).

Upload speed – Almost 80% of customers will visit you from mobile devices. The site can load quickly on the desktop, but have you tested whether it loads properly on other screens as well? It is possible that it won't load at all (a very serious thing and penalized without you realizing it), or it may have elements that exceed the size of the screen, and slow down the rendering of the pages. Sites that load in about 2 seconds are the norm these days.

Only one marketing agency with experience can help you in the online optimization and promotion process. We will try to explain to the client the steps that are necessary, the times of completion and the expected results.

activity report

 You will have access to detailed reports on the performances achieved, with all the results obtained at the level of visibility, traffic and the evolution of the site in Google searches. You will also receive a monthly report regarding user behavior, peak hours, the most visited pages, the countries from which the most customers come, details extracted with the help of Google Analytics. Through these reports we will learn what works in seo promotion, which strategies should be eliminated, and what should be improved.

The Mensis seo agency will come up with advanced promotion solutions, depending on the needs of each individual business. The seo promotion process is quite complex and difficult to understand for people unfamiliar with the internet. However, we want each client to understand why we have resorted to certain solutions and how it will positively influence the business. The report received every month of the campaign will prove the effectiveness of the SEO promotion process.

Off-site SEO promotion

Off-page seo promotion it takes place after the site optimization has been carried out beforehand. By off-site promotion we mean the creation of a brand awareness, through which we promote ourselves outside the personal website. Off-page promotion strategies are complex and difficult, due to the frequent updates that the Google search engine receives, in an attempt to display the most relevant searches.

The off-page process it is a constant and lasting one. Google is always looking for up-to-date sources, and when your website is no longer cited by other reliable sources, or it no longer has constant and quality content, small differences may appear in Google's positions. The general approach for off-site promotion is represented by:

Link building - In general, the algorithms that Google relies on when it lists one site at the top in favor of another are secret. There are still experiments done to identify which promotion processes are seen by search engines as having positive results. However, SEO experts unanimously agree with the creation of external link campaigns. External links from authoritative sites, sites in the field, or local sites, pass authority and trust to your business. On the other hand, links from suspicious sources (forums, anonymous blogs) can attract suspicion and penalties. We offer you advertorial campaigns, to post relevant articles on the websites of businesses in the same niche in which you are active, or on websites with authority.

Content creation - To have a successful offsite campaign, we must first promote something concrete. An attractive web design and quality content is necessary. Your business will be promoted in the online environment, thus having the opportunity to make yourself known to anyone who has access to the Internet. You cannot have a successful promotion campaign, if we practically have nothing to promote... Quality content must be created, which is relevant to the niche in which you are active. It will attract as many potential clients as possible, and will provide value to the community or industry you are a part of. When you have quality content, it can also be distributed on social networks, where it will reach its target audience. Mensis Agency offers you copywriting services to satisfy customers' curiosity, and the standards imposed by Google.

Social media - With the help of social media platforms, you can communicate much more easily with current and future clients. These will help you reach a wider and more diverse audience, or one more targeted to your needs. Communications, news and offers will reach readers faster, who will make the decision to buy based on them. You can also earn new links if you post new and sought-after information. Quality content has a greater potential to be distributed, thus managing to promote your brand constantly. Another strategy is to generate discussions that involve the target audience as much as possible, exponentially increasing the visibility of your business on social networks.

SEO promotion and Online Marketing focus on building a strong and well-known brand. These services are in harmony, helping you to gain the first positions in Google, and to have a market as large as possible.

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SEO promotion in Google

Google is the largest and most used search engine. If your website did not appear in Google searches, then you probably need our services google promotion meant to bring you to the first results. Optimizing the site for Google will be a complex and long process, but it will bring you many customers. Big companies are already in the first Google results, where is your business?

We strive to educate the Romanian market about promotion in the online environment, and about the advantages it brings. SEO promotion will turn you into a real competitor, from which opponents will only have to learn.

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SEO Promotion - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

What is SEO promotion?

SEO promotion is probably the most important and the most powerful promotion method in the online environment.

How long does it take to see the results of SEO promotion?

The competition will dictate how much effort must be put in to see positive results. In general, after 6 months the most satisfactory results are obtained.

What does the SEO promotion process entail?

We evaluate and analyze each project separately. The On-Site seo analysis and promotion boils down to quality content and keywords, and at the Off-Site level we focus on quality links.

Call now for SEO promotion services!

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