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Website promotion services

Business website promotion

The promotion of the created website is vital for the image of your business. Mensis Agency will deal with the increase of organic visitors to the site, and the increase of sales.

Social Media

use website promotion services, you can increase your visibility with the help of social networks. In this way, you will be able to always be connected with the current clients, but also with the potential ones. Social media campaigns will help you gain new customers by using their behaviors, interests or the way they surf the Internet. Social media platforms (social networks) are ideal tools for website promotion, because it offers the possibility to monitor and evaluate the results of your campaigns. You will be able to influence the volume of sales and the number of orders by regularly posting announcements, discounts, promotions, and special offers. You will thus increase your brand identity, but also your long-term sales.

Email Marketing

Optimizing the on-page site involves making it more efficient in terms of content, design, compressed HTML code, metadata, site loading speed and others.

graphic materials

A picture can contain a lot of information about a product or website. That picture can in turn be distributed on different social networks, something that can prove extremely advantageous.

Graphic elements attract customers' attention much more easily, and you can be sure that they will be seen. The text will often not be read, but a special graphic element will remain in the customer's mind long after visiting your website

Infographics are a surefire method of attracting attention. The promotion of the website should not be a difficult process, but an intelligent one. There are free programs for creating detailed pictures and graphics, such as Canva.

This method is an efficient one for informing clients, as is email marketing. These methods, however, bring the most results if they are all applied at once. By themselves, they will not be able to generate many sales.

Google Analytics

The promotion of the site can be done in vain, if the results are not carefully monitored. The script from Google Analytics allows the analysis and understanding of the traffic generated on the site, for a more efficient promotion.

video promotion

Did you know that one of the biggest search engines is YouTube. Statistics show that we prefer to watch a few minutes of video than to read a few pages of text. Google will also promote in searches, sites that also present video content.

Create articles

Google My Business allows you to be more easily found by customers, and to receive reviews. Your business will be available to anyone Google Maps.

SEO website promotion

Your website will appear in the first searches on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others). Site optimization it will be done carefully, starting from the on-page structure, until its promotion outside, i.e. off-page.

Business website promotion

Promote your website

SEO business promotion

SEO optimization is recommended for long-term website promotion. If the paid PPC campaigns bring you customers quickly, the traffic generated from the top positions in Google searches will be many times more consistent and reliable. Mensis Agency realizes effective and long-lasting website promotion campaigns! Your profit will increase proportionally to the position you occupy in Google searches.

SEO optimization

Online promoting

SEO and Site Promotion

Through SEM techniques (Search Engine Marketing) visibility in the online environment is increased. Website promotion services include various optimization and promotion tactics, but to find out which ones suit you, you have to try a little bit of each. This mixed promotion technique will ensure long-term results.

Website Promotion Campaigns

site promotion audit

The audit is the first stage in starting the promotion of the site. Thus we will find out which are the weak bridges, and which are the strong ones. We will rely on both automatic programs and human analysis. Website promotion can be a complex process, but if we know what to focus on, it will become much easier.

What does the website promotion audit include?

Following this audit, several detailed analyzes will be carried out, with the aim of discovering possible problems affecting your position in SERP (Search engine results page). We will thus discover why you do not appear on the first page of Google, and we will try to promote your website. We will mainly follow the following aspects:

On-page audit – Website loading speed, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, pages that existed but were moved (error 404) or redirection errors (error 301), internal links, design problems (we make sure that the site loads properly on mobile, tablet and laptop) etc

Duplicate Content – Content that is not original, written incorrectly, or is present several times on the site

Keyword Targeting – One of the aspects of website promotion includes the use of keywords relevant to the business you have. Google will "read" and thus understand what your website and business is about.

Offsite/offpage audit –  Backlinks are the ones that pass authority to your website. The more quality references a web page or site has, the higher its position in Google will increase.

Usability analysis - The website promotion service aims to attract customers to the website and convert them into customers. We will analyze which pages are visited, how much time they spend on the site, from which references the customers come, and which strategies really pay off.

detailed report - You will be notified through a report of all the improvements made in the website promotion process. You will thus learn what efforts it takes to promote a website, and how beneficial its results are.

On-page website promotion

On-page website promotion refers to the actions and results that are reflected directly inside the website. We will list below some of the steps we will follow in our optimization and promotion process:

Upload speed - Internet traffic generated by mobile devices is continuously increasing. The promotion of the site must be adapted to the clients' devices. Thus, a much too slow site will frustrate customers and send them to the competition. Mensis Agency will take care of optimizing the speed of your business website.

Meta-Title Optimization – The "Title" tag is the first element that search engines read. Google robots will index the content of the site, depending on the title of the page. This will also help your future clients to understand what is on the respective page or website. This title will have to be as descriptive and concise as possible, to represent as faithfully as possible the content on the respective page. Most of the time, keywords are used, but it is not recommended to promote for difficult words, where the competition is very high.

Meta-Description Optimization - "Mata description" represents a short description of the respective page of about 150 characters. This must be attractive both for potential customers and for Google. It will also be necessary and useful if you use paid PPC campaigns.

HTML tags - Websites are built in such a way that they can be understood by indexing robots. They are built in an HTML language. At the level of this language there are several tags or subtitles. We can list the headings H1, H2, H3, Bold [strong], Italic [em] etc. which can be perceived and interpreted by Google. H1 is the most important text, because it represents the title of the respective web page (in general, for the efficient promotion of the site, a keyword is targeted). A correct HTML tag organization plan can make the difference between a site that is found promoted by Google, and one that is difficult to navigate and understand.

Keyword optimization - To promote the website, it is recommended to use as many relevant keywords, terms, synonyms, expressions, pictures, clips from the field as possible. Google can understand what is in a picture, or listen to the content of a video clip. Also, frequent spelling mistakes attract minor penalties. A balance must be found between optimized and over optimized. Google provides the free Google Trends tool for analyzing keywords and the volume generated by them. You will thus understand the preferences of customers, depending on space and time.

Link optimization - The links on the website pages to other pages on the website will be authoritative and relevant. Also, the links to external sources will help Google to understand the niche of the business in which you operate.

Image optimization - Google, although it can understand with the help of artificial intelligence what exactly is in a picture, will thank you if you help it a little. Therefore, the images will have a title and a short description. This aspect will help you promote in other search engines, which are not as advanced.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely powerful and effective channel for business promotion. Its results, however, are seen after a longer period of time, until you collect a solid email address base.

Initially, you can easily build a list of subscribers by offering different advantages: free e-book, discounts, news. Then, all the people who gave their consent will be part of your email promotion campaigns.

The cost of promoting the site through this type of campaign is close to zero. The use of automatic programs significantly reduces the time invested. However, these tools must be used with care, so that all your efforts don't just end up in the spam list of clients.

Email marketing, overall, is probably the longest way to promotion. In a campaign of SEO optimization, the results are seen on average after 6 months. Emails are quite difficult to convert into customers, if you don't have a very large base. This technique is useful, however, in the context of informing customers.

What not to do:

  • Do not collect personal emails from forums or other sites. Only company emails, which have been made public
  • Also, collecting emails automatically (with dedicated programs) from other sites is a prohibited practice, because it generates abusive subscribers
  • Do not use emails from other sources (purchased)
  • Check if those emails are valid. Many campaigns will be blocked and will go into spam, if it turns out that the list of "subscribers" is just a hoax
  • Do not try to lure customers with abusive offers such as "order now", "irresistible offer". These will turn customers away. Short and to-the-point emails are the ones that bring the most results.
off-page site promotion

Off-page website promotion it is done only after the on-page promotion of the website has been carried out. Through this method of promotion, advertising is done outside the site.

The off-page process it is a constant and lasting one. Google constantly updates its promotion algorithms. If your site lags behind, it will fall from the top positions in search engines. The general approach for off-site optimization is represented by:

Link building- When a site in the field in which you are active mentions you on a page or an article, it is said that your authority passes. Google is constantly looking for such references. The more intensively your site is promoted outside of it, and receives links and mentions from news sites, blogs, forums, the more valuable it will be perceived. Mensis Agency offers you advertising campaigns, through which we will post articles that will refer to the business website. This way you will increase your value, but also your visibility.

Content creation - Unique and quality content is appreciated by everyone. It can be easily distributed on social networks, and can generate a lot of visitors. A website can be promoted very easily through this strategy. Articles about the latest news from the company, from the field, or promotional offers can be published on the business's personal blog. Google appreciates sites rich in content, which also refer to other sites in the field.

Social media - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are just some of the platforms most often used for promotion. There are businesses that do their promotion exclusively with these tools. Many serious companies look at your LinkedIn profile first. We have gotten used to appreciating a business based on its presence in the online environment. A strong and constant presence will remain imprinted in the mind of your potential client. Promoting the website and the brand in social media is a "must do" for companies that want to grow harmoniously!

Website Promotion Company

Advantages of website promotion

Website promotion should be a priority if you want your business to gain visibility in the online environment.

Among the advantages of website promotion are: increasing the number of customers, greater visibility on search engines, trust and recognition from customers.

Mensis Agency offers you consultancy in choosing the right services for your business, for website promotion. We can take care of it website creation, paid PPC campaigns and SEO optimization with results.

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