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Through our website administration services, we provide you with updates, security, maintenance and optimization for your business

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WordPress Site Administration Services

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Having a vast experience in creating websites and web design, our online marketing agency comes to your aid. We ensure quick and professional interventions, for successful businesses!

We offer advanced WordPress site maintenance and upkeep services. Thus, your website will be safe and regularly updated. We can also help you manage the site, that is, add new pages or functions. You no longer have to waste your time trying to solve errors through WordPress!

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Site Maintenance & Administration Prices

Advantages of wordpress maintenance

Quick intervention

We all know how important it is the image of your business online.

If your website is not updated, becomes slow and displays errors to customers, it is probably time to 'take it to the doctor'. In the real world, periodic checks can be done every few months or years. However, the programs with which your website was built need care and maintenance several times a month. The Internet is constantly updated to meet new standards performance and security.

Periodic back-up

Did you change something on the site, and now you want to turn back time?

With the help of back-ups, we have spare copies at hand to turn back time.

Site security

Did you know that hackers gain access to approximately 30,000 websites every day?

Securing a website is a very serious matter, if you don't want all your work to disappear because of these attacks.

Site administration

Administration is a different service than WordPress maintenance. WordPress administration includes updating content, site changes and adding new modules and functionalities to your site.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) - Site Maintenance & Administration

Why do I need website maintenance?

If you want your business website to be stable, updated and without errors. An outdated website can also be easily hacked.

What do wordpress maintenance services include?

We update your plugins, wordpress version, licensed themes, and monitor the site to function within normal parameters. We also take care of the security of your website.

Do you provide quick interventions?

Depending on the subscription, one of our developers will take care of solving the problems on the website in the shortest possible time.

Do you also manage the website?

We also ensure the administration of the wordpress site. We can take care of adding content and integrating new functions on your business website.

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Website maintenance and administration
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