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We offer professional web design services, online marketing, promotion campaigns, website creation, seo optimization and graphic design.


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Presentation site

A presentation website helps you present your business succinctly, quickly and to the point. Customers will quickly find out what differentiates you from the competition, and why they should use your company's offer.

Online promotion

Through online promotion, you will gain visibility, customers, and implicitly more profit. Site promotioncan be done on several channels. Our Bacau web design services also include packages for website optimization in search engines.

Visual identity

Did you know that many customers associate an outdated website design with the products and services you offer. In the modern era, websites that have a simple and modern design are welcome. Mensis Agency, which offers web design services in Bacau, will help you attract customers through the design of your website.

Copywriting services

"Content is king". This is the expression that defines a site that is in the first ranks, compared to one that is struggling to reach at least the first page. Google receives unique and quality content. If your site is weak in content (pictures and text), it will not be relevant in the "eyes" of Google. It will be perceived as just a simple spam site.

PPC scammers

Through paid PPC campaigns you can quickly reach the first searches. Depending on the existing competition, Google sets a price to buy the positions for certain keywords. This way you will gain traffic and customers quickly, which you can settle on the company. However, a professional Bacau web design, and with site optimizationdone, you will rarely need paid campaigns.

Create Online Store

With an online store you can sell more and grow faster than ever. All invoicing processes, inventory verification, AWB integration and many others are digitized. Your customers can buy quickly and at any time from the products and services offered. This will be possible if you choose to promote yourself in the online environment, with a specialized agency, such as Mensis.

Maintenance & administration

Once the website is created, it must be maintained. Many clients have the impression that it will "just exist by itself" on the Internet, without other interventions. The site needs vital system and security updates. Without these it is only a matter of time until a hacker destroys all your work.

Fast charging

In order to appear in Google searches, there are some standards. A slow site will be severely penalized. Fast websites are appreciated by search engines and by customers. If a site is too slow, customers will become frustrated and go to the competition.

Web design & Web Development Bacau

Website design

Professional Web Design

A website with a modern design will attract more customers than an outdated and unkempt one. We help you choose a pleasant website design, which loads quickly, and is optimized for SEO on-page. A modern and updated website will be clearly superior from many points of view, than an outdated website.

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web design services company Bacau

Website Development

E-commerce solutions

To be able to sell on the Internet, you need an online store. Our Bacau web design company creates online stores ready to sell. All big companies are focusing on internet sales. Online sales are constantly growing, so are your profits?

creation of the Bacau site

Website creation

Mensis Agency will help you create the website you want. We have a lot of satisfied customers with the services offered by our Bacau web design company.

If your business does not exist online, or you join this trend too late, it will become much more difficult to recover lost customers.

Mensis Agency offers complete and diverse web design services Bacau: domeni.ro and hosting, unique design, attractive and manageable by the client, on-page and off-page SEO optimization, responsive design, unlimited number of pages and content, Google My Business, Google search console, content optimization, facebook business page, online store creation and many others.

Your customers must easily navigate the site, UX (User experience) and UI (user interface) being two essential aspects in web design.

When your future clients arrive at the created website, they will understand that they need your products and services!

SEO optimization

When the customer searches on Google for a specific service, product or company, that search engine immediately offers him the most relevant sites for that topic. We exclude paid ads, which will appear in the sponsored section without always being relevant to the topic you are looking for.

The sites that are positioned in the first searches in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) get there thanks to SEO optimization. The first 3 positions will capture up to 90% of customers. Those sites will enjoy good visibility, organic traffic, and increased profit. Our Bacau web design company will deal with on-page optimization from website creation.

SEO optimization is very important if you want the created site to bring you profits. If your website is not on the first page of searches, you will probably only have 1-2 customers per month. This is a very disappointing thing, because you have learned enough for the creation of the website, graphics, employees and much more. An experienced web design company must also know how to do SEO for organic results in Google searches.

We help you to optimize the site so that it appears in the first searches. A well-designed strategy will be needed for lasting effects. SEO campaigns can run for several months, but they can bring you more solid results. You can use the Bacau website creation service, but promoting the created website is critical to making yourself known on the Internet.

Website administration

A created website will need to be updated and managed. These aspects are necessary if you want the site not to fall into the hands of hackers. Sites that are not updated with the latest technologies, and that do not receive security updates, can be compromised very easily. Your work for years can be destroyed, and probably recovered for a sum of money (ransomware type attacks).

What does the administration and maintenance of a website mean?

Web maintenance - involves a series of periodic works (security updates, system updates, structural changes, design changes, improvements, backups, etc.) carried out by the web design company from Bacau, Mensis. We save you from the headache and possible complex problems, to ensure the smooth functioning of your business

Site administration - in addition to the periodic maintenance that you benefit from through the web design service package (depending on the package chosen), website administration also involves making periodic changes to the content, managing users, products, services, receiving and processing orders, etc., like this so that the site works correctly and is up to date with the information.

As with web maintenance, depending on the complexity and volume of work, we will establish together a convenient price for the monthly "website administration" subscription. Site administration subscriptions usually come bundled with web maintenance services.

responsive design

A website is responsive if it has the ability to adapt its page layouts (design). depending on the viewing environment (depending on the screen resolution - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile), so that it can be played in a pleasant and fast way. It is responsive when modules that exceed the width of the screen are avoided (eg pictures that are too large, text that runs off the screen, etc.) and tables and other elements are resized accordingly.

Responsive design is mainly based on:

  • Fluid grids, which take into account a wide range of resolutions. As the resolution changes, the elements in the pages are resized / rearranged
  • Flexible images, which can change their height or width depending on the grid,
  • Media queries

What does creating a responsive design entail?

Fluid grids – These have gradually taken the place of fixed ones, due to the large number of devices with different resolutions. It automatically calculates its proportions (width, height, effects) depending on the device. These dimensions are measured in relative units and in percentages, not in pixels.

Flexible images – The pictures can be modified dimensions depending on the resolution of each device. Sometimes it is recommended that the picture be saved in several sizes, in order to be played properly on each screen. Sites that use modern CMSs can do this automatically. On custom built sites, more optimizations will be needed for correct display.

Calling on Bacau web design services, your business will be practically present in the pockets of customers. (via a responsive design)

Bacau Web Design Company

Website creation services Bacau

Do you want to create a website in Bacau for your business without resorting to other companies for: graphic design, website hosting, maintenance, content creation, administration, installation of security certificates, online promotion (social media, ppc campaigns, seo optimization) and other ?

Mensis Agency offers Bacau website creation services. The Mensis company based in Constanta will take care of all these aspects, so that you have a modern and updated website.

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Questions and Answers (FAQ) - Web Design Bacau

Why should I use Bacau web design services?

If you want to have more clients and higher profits, then our services are for you.

Why should I choose the Bacau-Mensis web design agency?

We will create a website with a modern design, responsive and that loads quickly. Google favors these aspects.

Can my website reach the first searches in Bacau?

Most probably you found us in Google searches. If we succeeded, then we will succeed for you too.

Will my website be visible outside the city of Bacau?

As long as the site is optimized, without errors and loads quickly, it has every chance of being visible from any access point.

Call now for Bacau web design services!

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