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The Focsani Web Design Agency offers you the following services:

  • Web site creation
  • Creating an online store
  • Website/online store maintenance and administration
  • Responsive design implementation
  • Online promotion
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Copywriting services


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Responsive Web Design is a front-end development process designed to shape website design and user experience on the user's device, whether it's desktop, tablet or mobile.

Web Design Agency Focsani can make you a website implementing responsive web design or help your old website to adapt to any device used by your website visitors.

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Experience in Focsani Webdesign & SEO

Is it important to have a website? We are in the digital age. This forces us to display ourselves in the online environment.

It is important to have a presentation site, because very few people will go to the location of our company for some information. They prefer to search online from the comfort of their own home.

The Focsani Web Design Agency can create a professional website with a responsive web design at an advantageous price.

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Creation of Focsani website

Reasons to use Focsani web design services

Having a website is important to your small business because your website can answer questions. Most of the time, customers would prefer to show online that they call a company to find out basic information. Not having a website would mean losing all potential clients who don't want to contact you and ask about your services.

In addition, your website can communicate basic and fundamental things about your business that the public would like to have at their fingertips. A website's ability to answer consumer questions is just one of the many reasons why your website is important to your business. Without it, customers would be lost.

The Focsani Web Design Agency can make sure that your website provides visitors with all the information they need.

Your website should display your customer's name, address and phone number. Most people wouldn't know how to contact you or where to find you without the convenience of a page or two online. If you don't have a website where potential customers can find you, they will turn to the competition.



A website can easily communicate your brand values to people who stumble upon it. This includes elements of style, target market and other important things that can help visitors decide whether or not to choose your business.

In addition, business branding signals to visitors that you are established and successful. This simple communication of your stature is enough to help you get new clients.

Focsani Web Design Agency takes your brand values into account when creating a website.


A website should ideally capture the potential customers of web visitors. This is why having a website is so important to your small business.

Distinct and strategic calls to action should be placed on your website's landing pages. Structuring your website correctly and placing CTAs in the right places is the difference between a website that makes money and one that doesn't .


Most people in today's online age wouldn't trust a business (no matter what kind of business it is) if it doesn't have a website. Regardless of your business and regardless of your income, your website is extremely important and there is simply no excuse not to have one.

Without a website, not only do you not have the opportunity to present yourself to potential consumers. Plus, most people don't think your business is legitimate or successful if you don't have a website.

The Focsani Web Design Agency can make sure that your website expresses professionalism.


Your website should increase the online exposure of your business, which is crucial for continued growth. For example, if a customer performs a search on Google, ideally you want this potential customer to stumble upon your business.


In addition to simply landing on a certain page, your website should direct visitors to different channels. This will ultimately increase the relevance and value of your website.


Your website is simply proof of your existence as a business. Without the powerful combination of a website and SEO local, your business would not appear online (or on Google maps!).

You can read more about how to get a business on Google Maps or you can just take our word for it and hire a company that can do it for you! We know you will not be disappointed!

Web Design Agency Focsani can place your business in Google Maps, having more chances to reach the local public more easily.


Your website is a 24-hour billboard for your business. Now, I'm assuming your business isn't open 24/7. How can you promote your business when you are not open or available to take a call? Your website, of course!


Your website should clearly describe the services your business offers. If you can do this well on your website, you will get more relevant phone calls and leads.

It is important that your brand identity and services are communicated online for several reasons. And this is another important reason why your business needs a website.


Your website will give you instant brand credibility, which will lead to more sales and customers. This is a very important reason why you need a website.

Why choose to create an online store in Focsani
  1. Reduced overheads

Generally speaking, online stores cost much less to set up and operate than brick and mortar locations. Of course, there are still costs: website hosting, web domains, digital marketing and platform fees. You may need to outsource things like website development, branding, marketing strategy, photography and copywriting.

If your product is completely new to the market or this is your first foray into retail, starting online is a great way to do some test transactions in a relatively low-pressure environment.

The Focsani Web Design Agency recommends that you invest the money you could have spent on rent in marketing.

  1. It is not geographically limited

A brick-and-mortar store that does not sell online is very geographically limited. Even if they have a very desirable product and a large marketing budget, they will still only attract people within a certain physical radius. However, companies that transact online can benefit from selling in as wide a geographical area as they like - reaching national or even global level!

  1. Open for business 24/7

Most online stores involve fully automatic processing of orders and payments, allowing customers to buy when it suits them. Online shopping is the best convenience for both retailers and customers. Customers can browse and buy whenever they want, and the company owner does not necessarily have to give up everything to immediately process the purchases (as he would have to do with a physically present customer).


  1. Updates and flexible offers

An online store can be updated as you wish, without any expense. Things like adding new product lines, reorganizing your catalog, or setting up a flash sale can be implemented immediately. Search and social pay-per-click campaigns can also be turned on and off in real time with relative ease.

Compare this to a physical store where you would most likely have to plan ahead for new product launches and sales events; the supply of printed materials in the store, the space in the store to present new or reduced products and advertising in local publications. There are a lot of moving parts to manage with a brick and mortar store, but with a lean online store, you're in total control.

  1. Access to Google Analytics

Online stores (and indeed most websites) allow you to access a lot of user information, such as:


What times of the day/week/month is your website most popular

Where your visits are coming from (eg search, social media, paid advertising, etc.)

Geographically, your site is the most popular

Which products and pages are the most popular

What hours of the day / week / month do you receive the most requests / orders

... and much more!

  1. You can sell pretty much anything online!

Regardless of your offer and audience, you can sell online. Whether you sell physical products, e-books, courses, services or consulting, there is likely to be a way for you to process orders and payments electronically (even if you have to physically deliver the service sold).

And if you're selling something that can be delivered automatically and digitally, like an e-book or an online course, you can let it run in the background with minimal input!

  1. Niche product? No problem

If your product is in one way or another unconventional or niche, selling online can be the most effective way to do business. When people are looking for something unusual or specific, they are more likely to look online rather than on the street.

Certain niche products can overlap nicely with the needs of certain communities that are already active online. Interacting with these groups can prove very useful when done correctly.

  1. Effective marketing spend

The pure increase in digital advertising can be much more profitable than print advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is based on effectively targeting proven leads online, rather than relying on less targeted advertising such as flyering or placing an ad in a print publication. It can also be much more difficult to directly extrapolate the direct results of a print campaign, such as working out the return on investment. However, PPC campaigns are completely digital, giving you access to a wealth of usage data.

  1. It won't cause headaches for customers

Exploiting public spaces can be difficult at the best of times. Not only do you have to put your best foot forward and create a welcoming, on-brand experience for visitors, but you also have to prepare for potential vandals, shoplifters and even possible violence.

The Focsani Web Design Agency can create a professional online store that will offer users a pleasant experience.

Why we use a responsive design for every website
  1. Drive more mobile phone users to your business.

With the ability of responsive websites to adjust their content according to different screen sizes and screens, they offer you the best opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers.

This will help you stand out among consumers, driving more traffic to your website, leading to increased brand recognition and sales.

  1. Save your development cost

Building multiple codebases and hosting multiple URLs requires huge chunks of money. Since, adopting a Responsive Web Design approach saves a significant part of the total investment of the business.

Unlike adaptive or non-responsive websites, responsive websites have a single code base with optimized style sheets that adjust to different devices, resolutions and specifications, thus saving development costs for your business.


  1. Increase the conversion rate of your website

Responsive websites allow you to serve your customers with content that is consistent across all platforms. Whether they are desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, the look and feel of the site remains the same.

As the customer can see the same content, elements and visuals, rather than device- or browser-specific content, on any device they access, they don't have to figure out the location of a particular element on a particular device.

This consistency of content across platforms and devices improves the user experience of your website, helping to contact and attract new customers.

This leads to an increased conversion rate and gives you an advantage over your competitors who offer poor user experience.

  1. Grow your business on Google

Google is designed for users – to provide users with an easy and clutter-free platform to browse the web; explores and analyzes consumer behavior and modifies its search and SEO ranking algorithms accordingly.

With people spending more time on mobile phones and tablets, mobile phones account for more than fifty percent of all web traffic generated worldwide.

Seeing this new derivation of users towards mobile, Google has changed its algorithms and prefers the ease of the user over all other factors.

He strongly recommends responsive web designs, which automatically adjust according to the viewing environment of the users, regardless of whether they are desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile phones, so as to provide users with a uniform user experience that is consistent across all platforms.

Getting a responsive website for your business not only puts your business in Google's good books, but also gives you ample opportunities to connect better with your customers.

  1. Improve mobile search engine visibility

The search engine visibility of your company's website depends on your SEO activities and how your company's website appears in Google SERPs.

Although there is no defined criteria, algorithm or set of points on which your site is evaluated. It is reported that Google changes its search algorithms approximately 600 times a year, which is almost twice a day. There are several factors such as response time, mobile usability, bounce rate, social acceptance and duplicity that always remain on Google's priority list.

What benefits does responsive web design bring?

  • The site becomes easy to access for any device.
  • Site rejection rates are decreasing.
  • Your website can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
  • Conversion rates are increasing.
  • Visitors will consider the site as a professional one.


Can we make you a new website with a responsive web design?

Focsani Web Design Agency can create a professional website for you using responsive web design so that your website can be easily accessed from any device.

When creating the website, Web Design Focsani employees will take into account the values of your company, the field of activity, the impact of colors, competition and Google's suggestions.

The Focsani Web Design Agency can provide online visibility services for search engines.

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