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We offer professional web design services, online marketing, promotion campaigns, website creation, seo optimization and graphic design.


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Fast Charging Speed

We create a modern website for you, with fast loading times. The site will load on average in 2 seconds, in order to have satisfied customers. A slow site will reject customers from the start.

Online promotion

Galati Mensis web design agency offers you modern promotion and marketing solutions. We use some special ones to measure the online traffic generated by the site, in different intervals of the day, and how much time they spent on your site. These parameters are important, to understand which aspects need to be improved on your website.

Modern design

We create a professional web design, because your image matters. An outdated website design will convey to your customers that you don't care about your business. We will create a website with a simple and modern design, which will not confuse customers.

Copywriting services

The content of the site tells its own story. An empty site will seem unmaintained and dry. Pictures and text are what invite the customer to discover more about your business. We can help you edit and add relevant photos to the created website.

Online Marketing

A web design company generally also deals with the online promotion of your business. We create a website for nothing if no one will access it. Promotion can be done on several channels: social media, paid ads, seo optimization.

Create Online Store

Online stores are in full swing. Online sales grow exponentially compared to physical sales. This happens due to the increased comfort that the digital age brings us. We create an online store ready to sell!

Maintenance & administration

Your website will need to be taken care of if you want it to continue appearing in searches. We can create your website, and we can also take care of its maintenance. We will update and manage it to function in optimal parameters.

Website Development

Mensis Agency will create a website for you that will compete with your competition in Galati county. We will use modern web design concepts and technologies to ensure a fast loading speed and a pleasant browsing experience.

Web design & Web Development Galati

Website design

Web Design Galati professional

If your site has an attractive web design, then customers will spend more time on the site. Google will see this, and perceive your site as quality. This will further translate into increased sales. You choose if you want a modern web design!

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, Website Development

Website Creation Services Galati

To stand out in the online environment, our Galati web design services will help you beat the competition. Mensis Agency offers you complete solutions: domain acquisition, web hosting, website administration, graphic / logo creation, SEO optimization, social media account management, email marketing and many others.

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seo optimization & online promotion

How do customers find you online?

Internet users mostly use Google, Bing or Yahoo. If your website is not in the first searches on these platforms, you have lost a large part of your customers. We aim to bring your site as high as possible in Google searches, because it has more than 60% of the searches performed globally on a search engine. Gradually, the percentage will be able to increase due to the net superior services offered by Google from this perspective.

If your business website is not on the first search page using the keywords that describe your business, then it is very possible that future customers will not find you at all. The rate of sales in the online environment is directly related to the position you occupy in Google searches. The first result from Google searches receives on average 35% of visitors, and the 2nd 15%. We offer website optimization solutions (on page and off page) and online promotion to appear in the first SERP results. Through paid campaigns AdWords you can quickly increase your online visibility, but this is not a long-term solution.

Our web design and SEO specialists will work together so that your website grows quickly in searches. Google prioritizes updated, secure and fast websites. How will your website be?

SEO optimization is a long-term process, but with strong results. Mensis Agency offers web development and online promotion services in Galati. With us, your company will be better known on the Internet, on social networks, and your sales will increase.

Website creation

In the process of creating a website, we try to surpass ourselves. Each client is different, offers different products and services. That is why the design of the website will be adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients, as well as the end clients.

Mensis Agency offers web design services in Galati county to increase your visibility in the online environment. Without a website, your business will have a very weak presence on the Internet. All serious companies have a presentation site, where they detail their experience, clients and services offered. If your services and products are in demand, then why not expose them to a larger audience?

Most of the websites created by our agency are at the top of Google searches. In order for a website to become known, it is necessary to contact a web design company with experience in the field. Freelancers have some experience in the field, but they cannot guarantee quality services. The sites made by them usually have a slow loading speed, and must be redone in a few years for various reasons. They cannot guarantee the safety and stability of the created website. We offer subscriptions for website administration and maintenance, to ensure that the website is stable and secure.

Call Agentia Mensis, for web design services in Galati!

Website administration

Site administration is an elementary service to ensure the proper functioning of the created site. It's like buying a car, and expecting it to not need maintenance or maintenance at all. Based on meadow subscriptions, we can ensure the safety and security of the site.

What does the administration and maintenance of a website mean?

Web maintenance - involves a series of periodic works (system updates, security updates, plugins, themes, cms, minor design changes, back-ups) carried out by our company that offers web design services in Galati county. security updates, system updates, structure changes, design changes, improvements, backups, etc.) carried out by our company offers web design services in Galati to ensure the proper functioning of the site.

Site administration – this involves more complex works at the site level. Among them we can list: design changes, adding content / pages / modules / products, user management, etc. The works are charged by the hour, depending on the level of work required monthly, we can make you a personalized offer. The administration of the site usually includes the site maintenance service.

responsive design

A responsive design will guarantee that the created website will load properly on all types of devices (pc unit, tablet, smartphone). This implies that images, content, borders and other elements adapt to different types of resolutions.

Our agency will ensure that the websites created by us adapt to all screens. Google will penalize those sites that do not offer a pleasant experience on mobile platforms. Recently, this search engine has been putting more and more emphasis on optimizing websites for mobile. This is easy to understand, because we use these smart terminals more and more often.

a responsive design the visitor will like it, which translates into a higher conversion rate. Google analyzes how much time users spend on the site, and thus deduces that your website is of quality, gradually bringing it to the first searches. If the conversion rate is low, and users leave the site for another competitor's site, Google will learn that your site is not of high quality and deserves to be among the first searches. Therefore, whether we are talking about an e-commerce platform or a presentation website, everything must be optimized, including the HTML code, the CMS interface, the PHP code, the CSS code and so on.

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Experience in web design Galati

Our experience in Galati web design and seo optimization will become known when you work with our agency.

If you want a website that loads quickly, optimized for SEO on-page since its creation, then choose Mensis services.

We provide complete and secure web design services, so you don't have to work with a lot of different agencies. From choosing the domain, to the process of web design, graphic design, hosting, promotion, administration, and sales growth, you can count on us.

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Questions and Answers (FAQ) - Web Design Galati

Why should I use Galati web design services?

Any serious business needs online marketing services to promote its business and increase its profits. By creating a professional website, you show your clients that you are dedicated to the business, and that you want to develop.

How much do web design services cost in Galati?

Prices vary depending on the project. Please contact us for a personalized offer.

Will the created site load quickly?

All sites created by our web design agency will load quickly. The server on which the site is hosted can also influence loading performance.

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