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We offer professional web design services, online marketing, promotion campaigns, website creation, seo optimization and graphic design.


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SEO optimization

Our Targu Mures web design agency offers you advanced promotion and marketing services in the online environment. SEO optimization is essential to generate as much organic traffic as possible for the business website.

Online promotion

The web design agency Targu Mures Mensis offers you advanced online promotion and marketing solutions. A website that does not benefit from promotion will be practically unknown in the online environment. We offer solutions for promotion and increasing visibility.

Branding & Logo

The logo tells its own story. This is like an identity card for the website and the business. If the visual identity is vague, or on the contrary much too complex, confusion can be created. Our web design agency also offers you graphic design services, for a website as attractive as possible.

Copywriting services

Without text, a website is practically empty. The text is what can attract a customer, or can send him to the competition's website. Google also gives more priority in searches to sites with consistent and original content.

Online Marketing

The primary goal of a marketing campaign is to increase sales and make you known in the online environment. Our Targu Mures web design agency offers you the following online marketing solutions: social media, web design, graphic design and SEO.

Create Online Store

Online stores are increasingly popular. Our generation expects to have everything at a click away. The biggest companies are the ones that know how to sell online. The shops on the street corner no longer offer us everything we need. We offer you a manageable ecommerce platform, which will help you sell more easily on the Internet.

Maintenance & administration

The website will have to be constantly maintained and updated. Hackers are constantly looking for sites that do not have the latest security updates. They can steal your customer data, and they can put your hard-earned reputation in doubt. We offer you advantageous web site management packages.

Website Development

One of the first steps in obtaining a visual identity in the online environment is the creation of a website. Mensis Agency uses the latest concepts and technologies for its clients, thus guaranteeing the quality of services. These will give the website you own a unique and imposing appearance in front of the competition.

Web design Targu Mures & Web Development

Website design

Web Design Targu Mures Professional

Any business today has a presentation website. Promotion online, in social media or with the help of campaigns Google AdWords they are all based on the existence of a website, which attracts as many customers as possible. The design of the website is part of the visual identity that the business has in the online environment.

web design targu mures
web design services company targu mures

Website Development

Complete Targu Mures web design services

Because we know how important is the business you own, we come with complete web design services. We managed to successfully promote businesses and organizations from all fields. The Targu Mures Mensis web design agency helps you create the desired website!

Targu Mures Web Design Company

Experience in Webdesign Targu Mures

We dedicate ourselves to each individual project. Our experience is transparent, it can be analyzed in the specially dedicated page (Portfolio).

In case you reached us using the Google search engine, this is another example that our company has SEO knowledge for website promotion.

We invite you to call our services, to convince yourself of our web development, seo, and site speed optimization abilities.

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Website creation

If you want to have a strong online presence, a website is the biggest advantage. The business's Facebook profile does not generate as many customers consistently as Google searches do.

Mensis Agency Targu Mures offers complete web design services. We take care of buying the domain ("afacere.ro"), hosting it on a high-performance server, and indexing the site by search engines. The creation of the website can take from a few days to several weeks. After its creation, it must be maintained, otherwise it will become obsolete, and so will the business you run be perceived.

We pay special attention to the named factor User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI). It represents the impression it generates on the client. When the potential customer enters, for example, an online store that is designed very unintuitively, he will prefer to buy from the competition.

With a detailed description of the services you offer, customers will differentiate between your product and that of the competition. On the website they will make the decision to buy or not those products and services. Google also analyzes the appearance of the page, especially the mobile interface.

seo & online promotion

How do customers find you online?

Most internet users use Google and then Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. Most of them turn to the companies that can be found on first page of the search engine. In general, business websites that have turned to Mensis Agency Targu Mures for web design services are positioned in the first searches. Your business where it is positioned ?

If the presentation site is not on the first search page using the keywords that describe your business, it is possible that future customers will not find you at all. The rate of sales in the online environment is directly related to the position you occupy in Google searches. The first listing receives on average 35% of visitors, and the 2nd 15%. We offer website optimization and online promotion solutions to be in the first SERP results. Through campaigns AdWords you can increase your visibility in the online environment quickly and efficiently, attracting the customers you want.

Our SEO specialists will analyze every aspect related to promotion, in order to increase your "Google Rank" organically. Through AdWords campaigns we ensure that we attract as many customers as possible.

Initially it must be done on-page optimization (loading speed, text structuring for search robots, quality content) and then you can move on to off-page optimization, through which the site is promoted on the Internet. In this way, we help you to increase brand awareness and have your website in the first searches.

The sites that appear in the first page in Google searches usually benefits from over 93% from online customers.

Mensis Agency offers you in Targu Mures complete and professional seo optimization services, to reach the first Google searches.

Website administration

Our web design agency Targu Mures will take care of the administration of the site. A site that is not maintained is easy prey for hackers, who can destroy your work for years.

What does the administration and maintenance of a website mean?

Web maintenance - involves a series of periodic works (security updates, system updates, structural changes, design changes, improvements, backups, etc.) carried out by our agency.

Practically, the maintenance service ensures the good functioning of the site and that everything is updated (system, security, etc.)

Site administration - by administration we mean more complex works. Administration includes: adding modules, content, products and services, new system configurations and others.

As with web maintenance, depending on the complexity and volume of work, we will set a price for the monthly site administration subscription. Site administration subscriptions usually come together with web maintenance services.

responsive design

When a potential customer navigates from a smartphone to the business website, which is not optimized for the mobile platform, it loads hard, or worse, does not load a good part of the content, the presentation website becomes practically unusable.

We provide you with a responsive web design so that visitors can browse the site in optimal conditions. From desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone devices, the site will be displayed perfectly. We also try to follow Google tips for a more productive web design.

In practice, several versions of the site are created, for each device resolution (PC, mobile, tablet...), and the images are optimized. The poor loading speed to which some mobile devices are subject will also be taken into account.

a responsive design the visitor will like it, which translates into a higher conversion rate. Google analyzes how much time users spend on the site, and thus learns that your website is of quality, bringing it to the first searches. If the conversion rate is low, and users leave the site for another competitor's site, Google will learn that your site is not of high quality and that it has no reason to include it in the first searches. Therefore, whether we are talking about an e-commerce platform or a presentation website, everything must be optimized, including the HTML code, the CMS interface, the PHP code, the CSS code and so on.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) - Web Design Targu Mures

What does a Targu Mures web design project involve?

Our web design and marketing services are intended for companies that want more clients. Creating a website involves choosing a modern design, pleasant to navigate and that loads quickly on mobile devices as well.

How much does it cost to create a website in Targu Mures?

Every web design project we receive has different needs. Therefore, please contact us for a personalized offer. We also advise you to avoid low prices, because in the long term you will end up paying much more for optimizations and solving various errors.

Will the site be SEO optimized?

The sites created by us go through a series of on-page SEO optimizations, in order to reach the first Google results more easily.

Will the site load quickly?

We create websites that load quickly on any type of device. Many small companies will not be able to guarantee this aspect.

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