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Presentation site

A presentation website helps you present your business succinctly, quickly and to the point. Customers will quickly find out what differentiates you from the competition, and why they should use your company's offer.

Online promotion

Through online promotion, you will gain visibility, customers, and implicitly more profit. Site promotioncan be done on several channels. Our Teleorman web design services also include packages for optimizing the site in search engines.

Visual identity

Did you know that many customers associate an outdated website design with the products and services you offer. In the modern era, websites that have a simple and modern design are welcome. Mensis Agency, which offers web design services in Teleorman, will help you attract customers through the design of your website.

Copywriting services

"Content is king". This is the expression that defines a site that is in the first ranks, compared to one that is struggling to reach at least the first page. Google receives unique and quality content. If your site is weak in content (pictures and text), it will not be relevant in the "eyes" of Google. It will be perceived as just a simple spam site.

PPC scammers

Through paid PPC campaigns you can quickly reach the first searches. Depending on the existing competition, Google sets a price to buy the positions for certain keywords. This way you will gain traffic and customers quickly, which you can settle on the company. However, a professional Teleorman web design, and with site optimizationdone, you will rarely need paid campaigns.

Create Online Store

With an online store you can sell more and grow faster than ever. All invoicing processes, inventory verification, AWB integration and many others are digitized. Your customers can buy quickly and at any time from the products and services offered. This will be possible if you choose to promote yourself in the online environment, with a specialized agency, such as Mensis.

Maintenance & administration

Once the website is created, it must be maintained. Many clients have the impression that it will "just exist by itself" on the Internet, without other interventions. The site needs vital system and security updates. Without these it is only a matter of time until a hacker destroys all your work.

Fast charging

In order to appear in Google searches, there are some standards. A slow site will be severely penalized. Fast websites are appreciated by search engines and by customers. If a site is too slow, customers will become frustrated and go to the competition.

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Website design

Professional Teleorman Web Design

A website with a modern design will attract more customers than an outdated and unkempt one. We help you choose a pleasant website design, which loads quickly, and is optimized for SEO on-page. A modern and updated website will be clearly superior from many points of view, than an outdated website.

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