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Complete presentation website creation services

Responsive site creation

Website Creation Services Presentation

Mensis Agency guarantees you the creation of the website according to the business you own. We create websites designed to attract customers and profits. Among the advantages you will benefit from are:

  • Website security
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • GDPR compliant
  • Easy to administer
  • Technical support
  • Modern web design

Presentation website creation company

Content testing

We make sure that your website works and loads quickly on all devices from smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Web design

A unique website design is an important part of the branding and marketing process of your business.

SEO optimization

We offer advanced promotion solutions to increase the visibility of your business online.

Copywriting services

We can help you with your business description. Online texts are present anytime and anywhere, working for you 24/7.

Realization of a website with FAST LOADING

The speed with which a website loads has long been part of the Google Page Rank ranking algorithm. In other words, this is the first impression the user makes about the quality of the services you offer. See more advantages below:

  • Increases conversion rate
  • Increases positioning in Google searches
  • Increases customer confidence
  • Google loves fast pages
create fast loading site

creation of presentation website & web design

Why a website?

Creating a website is the first, essential step towards promoting your business online.

If you want to attract as many customers as possible, and sell as much as possible, a website can bring you success. However, this is guaranteed if you use all the benefits of the Internet to the maximum, the tools and the latest generation software. We build your website on an easily manageable platform, so that the presentation site can be easily maintained and updated.

It is true that you can use free tools to create a website. Among them is counted Google website builder,Blogger, Wix, and more. Their disadvantage is that they will be created on a subdomain, such as, where it will have reduced visibility. Its promotion will also be difficult, since Google "sees" that it is not a professional one, and will not give it too much importance. However, do not confuse the blogging platform with wordpress site creation services. The creation of a professional website is done using the original platform distributed on

Users' trust is earned over time, by offering quality services. When we create a website, we try to make it as attractive as possible for customers. Design, marketing and SEO elements are carefully combined to bring you the best results.

Mensis Agency first of all understands the client's needs, and then we start the website creation process. Each website is unique in its own way, which guarantees greater visibility of the business brand. We pay attention to all graphic elements and the latest rules of good practice in creating a website.

A website that constantly attracts customers will have to be constantly maintained and updated with the latest technologies. We can help you with: logo creation, personalized contact form, Google my business, newsletter, copywriting, promotion, ppc and SEO campaigns. We offer complete website creation services.

Social networks are a favorable environment in which you can attract customers. But they will mostly look at the story that the website tells about your business. It must be carefully structured from the programming language, presentation text, pictures, and impact. We aim for the created site to attract as many customers as possible, and to make as much profit as possible.

Create presentation website

The agency of web design Constanta, Mensis, offers you professional services in the process of website creation, promotion and online marketing. Our team is specialized in creating optimized websites, which appear in the top of the Google rankings and which sell as much as possible. We come with advanced security solutions and maximum performance.

Our web design and website creation solutions are based on a careful analysis of objectives, needs and effective promotion. Before programming a website, we consider its evolution in the future, preparing it for the next updates, for the moment when your business will grow. In our website creation process, we rely on stability and performance, so that the site is up to date with the latest technologies and updates. We can offer you WordPress site creation services, as this is the most used platform for creating websites. This platform is used on approximately 25% of all the live sites present on the globe.

Many other web design companies claim to create websites at lower prices and of dubious quality, or they hide certain costs and rates. Most of the time, those companies, after finishing their project, don't answer your phone anymore, because they can't guarantee the website's stability over time. In this way, another company will have to take over the difficult process of maintaining a badly built website, or in most cases rebuild the site according to quality and durability standards. The Mensis web design company offers you website maintenance and administration, because happy customers bring more happy customers.

We have a web design portfolio which is the testimony of satisfied customers. You can join our web design services at any time, so that your business can prosper in the online environment. The web consulting service is a free process, and we offer you useful advice and information to make your brand as well known as possible.

The client has an essential role in the website release process, because he has the information about the business and future plans. We can help you maximize the success of future projections by seo campaigns and PPC campaigns.

A SWOT analysis of the business will help us identify the weak points, the strong points, and what needs to be improved. We need to know what exactly differentiates you from the competition, because this is the most important asset. The market segment in which you are active must be as specific as possible, otherwise you risk chasing too many ideals, without reaching too many customers in the end. The growth plans will help us understand the scalability of the business, a process that will help us choose the best performing web platform. The weak points must be identified, so that in the seo optimization process, when we promote on the Internet, as many positive results as possible about the business you own appear. The website will be an extension of your image and business in the online environment, that's why we want to create a high-performance and high-quality website.

The web design process involves: web programming (languages such as: HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, SQL, Java and many others), seo optimization, promotion and online marketing. Our web design company will take care of these aspects, because we know what it means to be among the best. Other web design companies claim partial services, which make it difficult for you to promote your business, thus putting you in doubt and the credibility of the business you own.

The website creation process can take between 3 and 30 days, depending on the complexity and the level of promotion you want to have. When we create a website, there are many operations and actions that the end user does not perceive. We work on every detail, so that the created presentation site runs in the most optimal parameters. Our team is dedicated to each individual project, so that the final website sells as much as possible.

What the site will contain

Calling on professional website creation services, we guarantee the following:

  • Modern, personalized and flexible design
  • Creation and configuration of the MySQL database
  • Unlimited number of pages and images
  • Advanced technologies: HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, PHP
  • Synchronization with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Indexing in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu)
  • Basic SEO optimization for main pages.
  • Responsive and modern design (compatible with any device or resolution)
  • Easy-to-use administration panel (CMS).
  • Google Analytics integration for statistics
  • SSD hosting
  • Training for using the CMS administration panel
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Technical support provided (email/telephone)
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Photo optimization
  • Blog / News section
  • Modules: newsletter subscription, multilingual, live chat
  • Contact/order form
  • Google Maps / Google My Business integration
  • Photo / video gallery inclusion
  • Increased security of the site
  • Firewall server
  • SSL / HTTPS certificate
  • Personalized email
  • GDPR compatible - data security and protection
  • Maintenance and promotion consultancy

making the website

All the big companies are already present in the online environment, because they know what it means to have at your disposal billions of potential customers connected to the Internet. Most of today's transactions take place online. The more you postpone promotion in the online environment, the more difficult it will be to recover. Just by the simple process of creating a presentation site, you increase your chances of selling more. The rapidly expanding competition, which uses online marketing tools, will always be a few steps ahead of those who have not discovered the advantages of technology. You can use WordPress site creation services, as this is the most popular and flexible platform for creating websites.

The website creation process is a "must to" today. Even a brief presentation site, but with an attractive web design, brings many customers. The web design company Mensis Agency will optimize the site, so that it meets the growing standards. In order to appear in the first listings, the Google search engine has certain unwritten "rules" by which it is guided. Presentation site created it must load quickly, to be integrated with social networks, to have a responsive web design, to be optimized for SEO, and to be structured as effectively as possible so that it can be "read" easily by google bot.

Our team takes care of updating an already created website. Most of the time, small web design agencies leave the work unfinished, and take your money at the moment, without ensuring the future viability of the business. In the website creation process, we make sure that the created websites will be secured, optimized and updated.

Many small web design companies use "nulled" or pirated, fraudulently obtained themes and plug-ins. These are "offered for free" by hackers on profile sites. Most of the time, these companies, in an attempt to cut costs, turn to these resources, but many of these programs are programmed to provide a gateway to the site and server. This will affect the site's authority, as it can display abusive ads, force users to download certain viruses, or mine digital currencies. That's why we created the services of site devirus and site security.

If you want to increase your visibility in the online environment, you are at the beginning of your journey and you don't know how to attract more customers, we offer free consultation. The construction of a high-performance website is one of the first steps, through which you learn what the market demands, and all you have to do is serve it. Ask now for an offer for "website creation" by accessing the page contact of the site.

why us

We know how important it is to create an audience to sell your products and services to. Providing trust and quality in the online environment is becoming more and more difficult, but with the resources and knowledge acquired over time, we have learned to bring businesses to the top of searches.

The website creation process will provide essential information to clients and potential clients about the business you own. This will be a long-term investment, which will bring you long-term profit, something recognized by the majority of entrepreneurs. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, by offering essential information to visitors constantly and for free thanks to a presentation site, you gain their trust.

Your competition is already using a presentation site. Connecting a blog and promoting it on social networks will attract even more customers. Creating a pleasant and attractive design will give a note of seriousness to the business. Our interest is that the created website attracts as many customers as possible, and sells as much as possible. In this sense, we provide complete web design services, SEO optimization and promotion in the online environment.

website creation prices

Before accessing a list of prices from which you usually choose the lowest price, it is important to know that each type of business and/or project is different. That's why you should receive a personalized offer adapted to the needs of the business you provide.

The first step in creating the website is the web consulting service that the Mensis Agency provides you free of charge. You will benefit from all our experience in web design, web development, branding, strategy and online marketing, seo optimization and internet reputation management. You can contact the consulting service either by email or by phone call, or we can arrange a meeting at our headquarters in Constanta County.

Currently, our agency can provide services for creating websites or online stores using the WordPress + Woocommerce platform. We do not work with client themes because they can be pirated or not updated. Solving the problems of poorly constructed themes requires a lot of time and waste of resources. We have also tested platforms such as WIX, Weebly and Joomla, but we do not recommend them at all for the development of businesses in the online medium because they do not present stability and security.

The price and execution time of a customized website is made according to:

  • type of business – you can opt for a presentation site, Landing Page type site, online catalog, virtual store, etc.
  • design created from 0 – we can set a template to adapt to the image of your business. We help you create a strong visual image, starting with the creation of the logo.
  • Functionalities – the created web platform can have an online payment system, synchronization with one or more couriers, multilingual site (multilanguage), different payment currencies (Euro, USD, Ron), invoicing and management system plus synchronization, synchronization with a CRM program, ERP, synchronization with cash registers and mobile payment systems, retrieving information from suppliers (feeds, products, stocks, pictures), connecting with Marketplace platforms, Affiliation, automatic notifications via SMS/e-mail, chatbots (programs of welcoming customers), marketing extensions (synchronization with marketing software, automatic SEO modules, lead magnet and newsletter (collecting emails and then sending promotions or informative messages), shopping cart recovery, social media automation (displaying social media posts on the website created by us), analysis scripts for visitor behavior [Google Analitys, Adobe Analitycs, Facebook Pixel] scripts for suring and increasing the conversion rate), legal / GDPR and other extensions and functionalities depending on the project.
  • adding and creating content - the content of the site consists of both pictures and text. It defines the structure of the site, the organization on the page and the final design. We can add and compose content for pages, products, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to create or add a content of the order of hundreds of thousands of pages, products and categories and these services must be estimated separately, price and execution time as much more financial and human resources will be involved.

In conclusion, when you decide to use website creation or presentation website services, it should NOT be:

  • CHEAP - it will be cheap only in the short term, but in the long term you will only have technical and financial problems for repairing the holes. The creation of the website must be done well from the beginning, otherwise you risk looking to redo it with a serious company after some time. Many times the restoration is done from 0. 
  • dear – it also happens that you receive a project at an overestimated price or with functionalities that you do not initially need. We recommend that you allocate a considerable budget for off-page seo optimization campaigns, regardless of how well the website is made. The promotion campaigns announce to Google that the site deserves more trust and thus will attract visitors and/or possible customers. Among the online campaigns with a quick response are Google Adwords, Facebook - Instagram Ads, e-mail marketing) and in the medium and long term (SEO and the creation of unique and quality content)


Website creation & Web page creation

Website Development & SEO

Do you want to promote your business? We offer you complete solutions and related services such as: presentation site creation, professional website creation, responsive design (content visible on phone, tablet, laptop), SEO optimization, personalized logo, online store creation, integration with social networks, photo gallery /video, business registration in Google Business and more.

Promotion consultancy

If you don't know where to start in creating a presentation site, we can guide you to the most productive solutions. Experience recommends us!

Web domain hosting

In order for the website created for you to exist on the Internet, it must be hosted on high-performance servers. Thus it will be visible from all corners of the world.

Blog with articles

To be able to keep your customers up to date with the latest news, news or offers, creating a blog with a modern design is the solution.

Email/phone support

In order to quickly solve any problem, our team of technicians offers you support both by email and by phone.

secure website

Every site we create is supported by a secure infrastructure.

Web Design & Visual Identity

A website with an outdated design will give clients the feeling that they don't care about your image. Moreover, this impression will also extend to the quality of the services you offer. Creating a modern website will delight the visitor and turn him into a customer. We take care of every detail, and ensure a fast loading speed of the site.

Logo Design

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the Content settings module. You can also style every aspect of this content in the Design settings module and even apply custom CSS to this text in the Advanced settings module.

Personalized email

Based on the domain of your company, we can configure emails of the form for a visual identity as professional as possible.

Unlimited pages

You have the possibility to create an unlimited number of pages relevant to your business, fully manageable.


We offer complete presentation website creation services. Your company's website will always be functional and ready to provide visitors and clients with the information they want, because we will make sure it is always stable.


You have the guarantee that for up to 1 year for any presentation website made by Agentia Mensis, updates and quick interventions are ensured depending on the package chosen.

Presentation website creation & professional website creation

on-page seo optimization

Websites that are difficult to load are generally abandoned by users. In the website creation process, we are careful that the speed of the website is only a few seconds. We optimize all content, from pictures to text, to attract as many customers as possible.


ssl certificate

The purpose of the SSL certificate is to secure the exchange of information between the server and the client. It guarantees that the information transmitted to a site will not be stolen or modified by hackers or other people. Google favors safe sites and penalizes dubious ones in searches.


Manageable site

All the sites created by us include an administration panel for a quick and efficient organization of the content. The CMS interface is intuitive and friendly to the people who take care of the website. This makes it easier to publish content, manage the blog and assign roles and responsibilities to users.


google analytics

Through this tool you can monitor almost the entire activity on the website. It is generally used to see the overall traffic on a certain page, the average time visitors spend on the site, the number of pages visited, the traffic sources (organic or referrals), plus the keywords that generated the organic traffic.

Creating a presentation website - Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How much does it cost to create a website?

Anything that involves quality work involves certain costs. The price for creating a website can generally start from 500 euros and can go up depending on the needs of the client / company. We can help you choose a fair price, corresponding to the business you provide.

What advanced functions can a site have?

Some people want the business website to be multilingual (available in several languages), others want it to be SEO optimized or to sell products online. Mensis Agency will try to help you as soon as possible in creating the desired website.

Do I need hosting for the website?

Web hosting services are essential for the site to be present in the online environment and accessible to customers. The site will be hosted on a server with carefully chosen specifications, to offer the best performance.

How long will it take to complete the website?

Depending on the complexity, the client's requirements and the availability of the content for the website, it can be ready between 7 and 20 days.

What administration platform do we use?

The most popular and easy to manage CMS (Content Management System) platform is WordPress. It is currently used by millions of sites, globally.

How do I choose the domain for my business?

The domain is the customer's first contact with your website. It represents the identity of the business on the Internet. A unique domain name stands out and is easily remembered by future customers. .ro domains are the most recommended for the Romanian market.

Create a presentation site now!

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