What is Ahrefs Rank and Domain Rank?

To perform well in Google search results, you only need: high quality content, overall website speed optimization and a strong referral profile (backlinks) .

Domain Rank refers to the links (and their quality) that refer to your website. How is it calculated? Ahrefs calculates it using its own algorithm and the following parameters:

  • the number of unique domains that refer to your website;
  • the number of relevant domains (in the same niche) that bring value to your website;
  • total number of unique backlinks due to referring domains.

Ahrefs Rank (AR) shows the position of the target website compared to all other websites in the Ahrefs database based on the "strength" of their backlink profiles. The site with the strongest backlink profile is on 1st place.

Domain Rating (DR) it shows the "relative backlink popularity" of a target site. The score is calculated in comparison to all other websites in the Ahrefs database on a 100-point logarithmic scale (higher score = stronger profile). Ahrefs calculates the score DR based on the number of sites referencing your domain URLs and the strength of those sites' backlink profile. For example, a reference from a site like Adobe or Wikipedia is worth more than a reference from a lesser-known site.


How can you use this score in SEO and marketing?


  • Combine it with Alexa Rank Checker, Moz Rank Checker and Traffic Checker to find out who your competition is and what SEO strategies they are using.
  • Evaluate your own website's backlink profile and measure how effective your link building strategy is.
  • Check and analyze DR and AR scores, then build a strategy to perform better in Google searches, improving your position.

Source: sitechecker.pro