After a period of using your website, it will start to produce junk bits within the database that you are using. It doesn’t matter which CMS your are using. Thus, it is a good idea to optimize your database tables, from time to time, for the sake of good performance. You will have more junk in your database if you are editing a lot of articles or if you are running a large social network website. The process explained below is simple, and works for other applications as well.

Find your database

First of all you will need to find your database.

Log into your cPanel account and navigate to the Databases tab and then click on the phpMyAdmin service.

Select the database that you are using from the list on the left side of the screen.

Scroll down to the end you will notice a Check All box below the tables on your database. This button will select all of them.


Optimize tables


Then simply select the Optimize table option from the drop-down box.


Repair MySQL database tables


In phpMyAdmin simply click on your database, select the tables needing repair, and from the drop down select “Repair table.”

Once the optimizations of your database are completed, the system will display a successful message and also will provide details about the process.