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We offer professional web design services, online marketing, promotion campaigns, website creation, seo optimization and graphic design.


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Hotel presentation site

A presentation site will represent you on the Internet 24/7. It will be part of the virtual identity of your business. Without this, you risk losing a lot of customers.

Online promotion

It is not enough to have a website to make yourself known on the Internet. Online promotion (Facebook, paid campaigns, seo optimization) helps you increase your visibility. We offer hotel website creation services and professional online promotion services.

Visual identity

A modern web design is part of your business identity. Websites that are too complex, become difficult to navigate, and that is why they are abandoned by many clients. You don't want to reject your clients because you didn't know what it means to use a simple and effective web design.

Copywriting services

Google first looks for relevant content in websites, and then decides if it is worth bringing them to the first searches. If a site is empty, without text or pictures, Google does not "see" why it should include your site in searches.

Mensis Agency will take care of writing the content for your website, so that it is liked by both Google robots (using keywords) and customers.

PPC scammers

Through paid PPC campaigns you can quickly reach the first searches. Depending on the existing competition, Google sets a price to buy the positions for certain keywords. This way you will gain traffic and customers quickly, which you can settle on the company.

Administration panel

With an online store you can sell more and grow faster than ever. All invoicing processes, inventory verification, AWB integration and many others are digitized. Your customers can buy quickly and at any time from the products and services offered. This will be possible if you choose to promote yourself in the online environment, with a specialized agency, such as Mensis.

Maintenance & administration

Once the website is created, it must be maintained. Many clients have the impression that it will "just exist by itself" on the Internet, without other interventions. The site needs vital system and security updates. Without these it is only a matter of time until a hacker destroys all your work.

Fast charging

Gradually, the biggest search engine, Google, wants to eliminate slow sites from its searches. A fast site will be visibly favored, winning even more customers.

Realization of a professional website for a hotel or guesthouse

Website design

Pension / Hotel Site Creation Services

In the process of creating a website, user experience is an important process. We create websites that load quickly, are modern and easy to access. You can call on our web design services with confidence!

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Website Development

E-commerce solutions

The web design company, based in Constanta, offers you complete solutions for creating the desired online store. We will handle the implementation of online payments, invoicing programs, stock management, AWB integration and others.

Realization of Pension site

Website creation

The Mensis Agency will help you to you create the website desired. We have many clients satisfied with the services offered by our web design company.

If your business does not exist online, or you join this trend too late, it will become much more difficult to recover lost customers.

Mensis Agency offers complete and various web design services: and hosting, unique design, attractive and manageable by the client, on-page and off-page SEO optimization, responsive design, unlimited number of pages and content, Google My Business, Google search console, content optimization, facebook business page, online store creation and many others.

Your customers must easily navigate the site, UX (User experience) and UI (user interface) being two essential aspects in web design.

When your future clients arrive at the created website, they will understand that they need your products and services!


Marketing your business using digital (or online) tools has become important as people increasingly use their mobile phones or tablets to browse products and services on the internet.

You can market and develop your business online through: website, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM).

Online marketing has the role of finding potential customers and helping your business to develop in the digital age.

SEO optimization

Web design agency Mensis provides you with the latest technologies for creating websites and online stores. We also provide SEO optimization for sites in the county and beyond.

A web design company and site optimization full-service: we take care of web design, so that the site is optimized on page. Ever since the creation of the website, we have been considering its optimization and fast operation. Thus, you will not need to contact a lot of other agencies for different services.

Why would you want to reach the top of the search engines? Here are some arguments in brief:

  • search engines are the way most people look for a service provider and products (they will not search for products or services on Facebook, but this platform can increase your visibility)
  • more than 80% of data seekers never get past the bottom of the third page of search engine results
  • the number of websites is increasing day by day, so the chances of staying in the top of the search engines without optimization are constantly decreasing
  • companies that focused on seo optimization and online promotion of their websites not only became more successful, but their turnover also increased significantly due to the clients they gained from the internet

Our website development company Mensis can also take care of optimizing your website for search engines and online marketing. Optimizing your site is very important, because a site that is among the first results of the Google search brings traffic to the site, potential customers and sales. People search on Google using two to four keywords, SEO optimized sites are the ones that appear in the first search pages. The Mensis website development agency deals with on-page and off-page optimization for superior results.

Website administration

The site administration, maintenance and web maintenance are aimed at checking, modifying and updating the information available on the website. Good functioning is also checked, and how it presents itself from a customer's perspective, if it is operable. The CMS platform will be checked, which will be updated and secured. Updates to the latest PHP versions, plugins and other essential components will be made. Some of the actions can also be carried out by the IT specialists within your company.

Administration and maintenance activities are very important and influence traffic results (visits, visitor engagement, profit). If the website belongs to a business, then its good functioning can be closely correlated with the profits you realize. A website with new content constantly added will generate interest from visitors. Those new visitors generated can be converted into customers, which will increase your sales. We can help you with the hotel website administration service, to be safely present on the Internet.

Marketing on the Internet has helped millions of companies to develop, e-commerce solutions vary from one field of activity to another, by identifying the target audience of your business you can generate visits to the online store and sales. To start selling online, you'll need to create a website or e-commerce for your business, list products, set up payments, and set up online business operations (such as order fulfillment, shipping, sales tax, and more others).

Our website development agency has created dozens of online stores over time and optimized them for search engines.

Why use hotel website creation services?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to create a website. Many people want to provide an informational resource that they hope will help people who have similar interests to themselves. Their experience and knowledge guides the creation of useful content. Other people simply enjoy writing, and some use blogs as an outlet for their creative expression.

However, others create websites to earn money.

Some people start a website for a reason, discover that there is an interest and demand for the content they publish, and then discover that they can monetize it.

Making money with your website is an interesting topic and should warrant its own section.

Regardless of the reason why you want to start a website, you should not leave yourself without information. And indeed, there is a lot of information available on the Internet that will help you with individual problems you may have. What I hope to create with this tutorial series is a comprehensive start-to-finish guide that will teach you every step of creating and running your own website.

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. A well-maintained website can help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry and improve your business image. Developing your website offers many advantages, including helping you get more leads and prospects, increase sales, improve your professional brand, and improve your customer service.


But surprisingly, according to various recent studies, only about 35% – 40% of small businesses do not have websites.




Website administration

Site management is a very important process. If your website is a car, website management is the maintenance of the car. Just like your car, your website will break down or crash if you don't perform periodic maintenance procedures.

Having said that, website management is not always easy. Depending on the length of your service and the type of business, there is a potential process that includes a large number of steps.

The administration of a website represents the management of user accounts, and maintenance is the entire process that helps a site to perform, that is, to be seen well by Google's robots and to generate visits or sales.

responsive design

A website is responsive if it has the ability to adapt its page layouts (design). depending on the viewing environment (depending on the screen resolution - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile), so that it can be played in a pleasant and fast way. It is responsive when modules that exceed the width of the screen are avoided (eg pictures that are too large, text that runs off the screen, etc.) and tables and other elements are resized accordingly.

Responsive websites are appreciated by both search engines (Google) and customers. The website created can be defined as responsive when the design of the pages adapts according to the resolution of each screen (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). All elements (modules, pictures, borders, text, video clips) adapt their sizes to be played optimally both on the phone and on the laptop. Google will penalize websites that do not have this capability, as they offer a very bad experience to users.

What does creating a responsive design entail?

Fluid grids - The grids automatically calculate their proportions (width, depth) so that they are rendered optimally on any screen resolution. Dimensions are no longer measured in fixed units (pixels), but in relative units or percentages.

Flexible images - If the text can be easily adapted and molded according to the width of the screen, for pictures the process is more complex. In the old days, pictures with different sizes were created and uploaded, in order to satisfy the need to display appropriate sizes. Today, on modern CMS platforms, or on custom made sites, this process is done automatically.

Media queries – The CSS styling code is largely responsible for the adaptability of the created site. This code renders a nice web design according to each device.

The advantages of a responsive design

  1. Accessibility – There is no need to create separate versions of the site for mobile, tablet and other sizes. In this way, a lot of costs and execution time are cut.
  2. Simple sharing – there will be a secure url for the whole site. Before, there were these other versions of the (m-mobile) sites
  3. Pleasant browsing experience – Many unforeseen bugs and errors are avoided. Many times, when creating several versions of the website, there were buttons that were actually much too small, the scrolling had to be done on the side, or simply that version of the created website could not be navigated at all on that mobile device .

All businesses today have a website, but few companies have a website with a professional web design. A professional web design faces the competition, wins the trust of visitors and converts. A website with an attractive web design is perfect for a promotion campaign. social media descriptions. With the help of Google AdWords campaigns, your website can not only have an attractive design, it can generate sales.

Hotel website creation agency

Experience in hotel website creation and SEO optimization

Creating a website for your hotel should be a quick and efficient process. However, this can be different, depending on the web design company you use.

We offer complete hotel website creation services at competitive prices. A cheap site will have to be redone after a relatively short period of time. The site created by the Mensis agency will load quickly, use the latest technologies, and will be secured against cyber attacks. Your business will thus be permanently online, and safely on the Internet.



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